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Little confused - Hashimotos

I was diagnosed with Hashimotos/Hypothyrodism several months back. At the time my TSH was 8.95 and Antibodies were 278, T3 &T4 free were within range. Yesterday I received results of another blood test to see how the meds were doing. My TSH was 0.005 (very low) and my antibodies raised slightly to 298. I have been on NTD (Naturethroid) at 2.5 grains. Wondering why my antibodies would not be lowered? Does this mean the Naturethroid medicine is not working? Isn't is suppose to lower the antibodies? Do I lower my medicine? I realize you can go from hypo to hyper, but what about the antibodies? This is rather confusing and sorry I am so new to this. Thanks

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Best not to have the anti-bodies tested every time as they can vary....so try not to worry about them. Are you doing anything else to help support your thyroid and reducing anti-bodies ?


Have you thought about going gluten and even lacto free to reduce your TPO antbodies? It worked for me.

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