is this hashimotos ??

is this hashimotos ??

Sorry for the long abscence they have finally found out i have a autoimmune reason for my thyroid problem. So what i thought was hypothyroidism was a autoimmune disease . They found thyroid antibodies in the high range was wondering if flower could tell me wether this is hashimotos thyroiditus. For a long time my body was not absorbing levo so they change me to Liothyronine 20mcg 3 x daily eventually got my tsh (122) down to a tsh (12.8) so alot better . This time round i asked them what thyroid problem i had so they checked for antibodies which came back as high photo will show u my results could someone please interpret these for me would be much appreciated .

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  • Thyroid a tibodies = hashimotos = inherited

  • ok so im asking as they didnt specify in the letter they said there was a auto immune reason for my hypo as the reading for the antibodies come back high. thats why i asked if this was hashis or is there another auto immune disease that causes it .

  • i included a pic if results

  • These couple of links may be helpful. You have an Autoimmune Thyroid Disease called Hashimotos (the commonest of the thyroid dysfunctions). You eventually become hypothyroid when the antiboies have attacked your gland until you are hypo.

  • Hashimotos is the only auto immune reason for hypothyroid when antibodies are present

  • ok sorry didnt mean to sound arrogant i just wanted to make sure that was all . Anti-Tpo antibodies 228.3u/ml-High

  • Anything over range is considered high. Back in 2005 when I was diagnosed mine were over 1000 :-)

    Hope you soon feel better. Going gluten free could help you to reduce your anti-bodies - healing the gut is key.

  • You are not arrogant that is reserved for idiot doctors

  • Razzar1977,

    Thyroid peroxidase antibodies are positive for autoimmune thyroid disease (Hashimoto's) which causes 90% of hypothyroidism in the UK, Europe, USA and Canada. 100% gluten-free diet may improve symptoms and reduce antibodies.

  • Hi Razzar1977

    The medical world describes this as: "Hashimoto's thyroiditis is an autoimmune condition. This means your immune system mistakenly attacks your thyroid gland, causing it to gradually swell and become damaged.

    As the thyroid gland is slowly destroyed over time, it is unable to produce sufficient amounts of thyroid hormone. The medical term for low levels of thyroid hormone in the blood is hypothyroidism...". So you were right to think you had hypothyroidism. You would have had symptoms of this.

  • well i also found i was anemic and when i was told my b12 was coming back normal it was actually everytime they took my b12 levels coming back as lower end of normal . I have been fighting to get my b12 injections back now that i have been newly diagnosed with hashimotos do u think i stand a better chance of getting my injections back. Funny when the doctors thought i had normal hypo they couldnt give a damn but now i have been diagnosed as having a auto immune disease they are checking everything makes me so mad. The nurse told me because my b12 was at the lower end of normal she said the doctors had a choice to use their discretion and could have easily given me them back at anytime they justt chose not too .

  • My antibodies were around that number when I discovered I had Hashi's after many years of not being told. I went gluten free last September and take 200mg Selenium daily. My last test showed that the levels have dropped sorry don't have figures in front of me but good amount. x

  • Razza,

    Good advice above.

    Most us of hypothyroids on the forum have Hashimotos. I have it myself.

    Autoimmune disease will predispose us to others such as PA and RA but keeping antibody levels low will help to keep us feeling well and make thyroid hormone meds work better.

    The immune system interacts with the endocrine system, the digestive system and the nervous system. . Generally (but not always) the more elevated the antibody count the angrier and more intense the reaction will be felt. Sometimes a trigger might result in hives, or a rash but more often it is gut troubles and many members have found a gluten free diet helps.

    Gluten can be seen as a similar protein to those found in the thyroid gland (molecular mimicry) and when it breaches the protective gut barrier (leaky gut) and enters the blood stream, the immune system (antibodies) tag it for destruction. These antibodies can then cause the body to attack thyroid tissue (if there is any left ! ! )…. Doctors don’t think a gluten intolerance would present in the joints, skin, respiratory tract and brain as well as the gut but the fact patients often recover from many conditions once gluten is removed, speaks for itself.

    Also too much sugar in our diets can bind to the surface of cells, causing the cell to make inflammation molecules. Inflammation describes the release of chemicals and messengers in your body that create irritation and swelling and a high antibody count will cause inflammation which perpetually feeds the autoimmune disease as inflammatory messengers stimulate the immune system so more chemicals are released..

    High inflammation can cause fatigue, puffiness, muscle or joint pain, abdominal discomfort, difficulty in concentration and brain fog. If it is allowed to continue or gets out of control with too many inflammatory chemicals, it can interfere with the normal function of your cells, cause tissue damage so (indirectly) effecting thyroid hormones.

    You have probably had the antibodies for ages but just didn’t know. Know you do know you can manage it and hopefully keep feeling better.

  • Razzar,

    Re pm-

    Hashimotos is sooooooo common in hypothyroidism ...... NOT that it makes it any easier but at least you know there are MANY others like you.

    The medical profession puts little importance on this autoimmune disease as in their eyes the treatment is the same. They fail to understand the connection between elevated thyroid antibody levels and inflammation and other autoimmune conditions. (PA = Pernicious Anemia, RA = Rheumatoid Arthritis).

    You may find supplementing 100-200mcg selenium helpful as is known to reduce thyroid antibodies TPOAb and this is your (second) biggest aim. (First being to keep thyroid meds working well but the two kinda overlap).

    Weird skin conditions will get better as thyroid hormones optimise and antibody levels reduce. You are right, it is not simple but going gluten free, living a healthy life style and keeping optimal thyroid hormones & nutrients keeps me well. ( Long may it last ! !)...

    What anemia do you have ? ? ... Is it being treated ? ? as this could impact thyroid hormones and encourage ever higher levels of antibodies.

    Re gluten free...... all veg, fruit, dairy & meat proteins are gluten free. What else do you need ? ? ..Don't buy special supermarket gluten free products that are over priced and full of crap. Be open minded and eat last night delicious gluten free dinner for breakfast, plenty of cheese//cold meat //fish salads at lunch time and only cook for the evening meal. Sometimes I cook double and freeze half for busy days. I always cook from scratch as have a diabetic husband. You need to eat a varied diet.

    Any questions Razzar , just ask. That is what the forum is for.

    Lots & lots of luck.

  • Apparently the vast majority who are "hypothyroid" actually have auto-immune disease. The problem is that most GPs do not test for thyroid anti-bodies, Their excuse?....'We treat everybody who has thyroid symptoms the same way, so why bother! I have hashimotos too but had the disease for some time before I actually asked for the tests. YES, I asked for the tests!...The GP did not offer them!. Get your B12 tested too. Many with Auto-immune Thyroiditis are deficient in this very important vitamim.

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