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Prescriptions (hashimotos)

Are prescriptions free if you need thyroxine for hashimotos (antibodies present, normal tsh) ?

My latest results seem to show a need for thyroxine but I'm awaiting confirmation of this from the hospital.

Was just wondering whether I would be eligible for free prescriptions or if you need to have an out of range tsh to qualify for free prescriptions?

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You have to fill in a form which you get from the doctors receptionist usually, and you fill it in, the doctor signs it and it gets sent away to the err. ....... Local health authoriy? Then you get a card back.

If the doctor considers that you need levothyroxine or other thyroid replacement meds than he can sign the form to get you the exemption card.

G x


If you get a prescription before you get an exemtpion, get the right sort of receipt from the pharmacy. You can then request a refund.

More information here and on linked pages:



If it is deemed that you need thyroid meds .. then you will receive them free.

The good news is (.. if there is any ..? ? .. ) .. is that you will then get ALL prescriptions FREE.



Great thanks xx


If you've a normal TSH and antibodies I'm not sure. I have antibodies and a 'normal' TSH but I'm deemed even by a private endo not to have a thyroid condition. It's utter bull.


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