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Issues with weight since changing NDT

Hi all

Weeks ago, when I ran out of armour, I decided to try another NDT - Naturethroid as I could not afford to buy any more armour due to the price hike. Unfortunately my weight has once a gain become an issue. When I got to a good doseage with Armour, the weight started to come off - slowly as to be expected as person with Thyroid issues but nevertheless more or less consistently. With Naturethroid I am no longer losing and in fact feel more swelling (clothes not fitting me etc) and weight which I had put on on holiday is not shifting. I have only jsut been able to afford to order a different NDT - Erfa which I have been advised is the most similar in composition to Armour, but it wont be here for a while yet - do I keep taking Naturethroid OR should I stop?

I am self medicating.

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The most obvious answer, which you do not even hint at, is to increase your dose of Nature-Throid.

If you were on one grain of Armour, why not try one-and-a-quarter grains of Nature-Throid? Or whatever makes sense given what you are currently taking.

Not taking Nature-Throid at all (and by that, I assume not taking any thyroid hormone at all) makes absolutely zero sense. You will become hypothyroid, and that can be dangerous as well as unpleasant.



You're right Rod - I didnt hint at it because I wasnt actually sure whether it would be beneficial to increase the dose. I am still learning which is why I visit these boards.

I will increase as I too was worried about the effects of not taking any thing. Thank you for putting it in to perspective for me.


I think you should continue Naturethroid until you get Erfa. Sometimes it is trial and error till you find medication which suits. Maybe you should have increased Naturethroid slightly as your body may need to raise its metabolism for weight to reduce.


Thanks Shaws - one thing that has continued is that I am still 'regular' in terms of going to toilet. This is something that has only happened since I was diagnosed and started taking NDT's earlier this year. I understand this to be linked in to metabolism which is why I mention it. Before this, I was lucky if I went 3 times a week!!!

I will increase and see what happens.


The fact that Naturethroid has made you 'regular' is really excellent as so many have constipation with levo and it is also a clinical symptom of hypothyroidism because our metabolism is so slow. Naturethroid suited me best and I tried about five but we are all different.

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