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Latest test results

Good morning, I've recently been for my Endo appointment and would appreciate some advice if anyone can help?

Currently on 100mg Thyroxine T4 and 2 x 25mcg Liothyronne T3. Endo has advised me to reduce my T3 by 10mcg each day due to my results (Below). Generally I feel ok. I eat well and exercise daily (more than the average person mind you!) - weight doesn't shift though. I have had a DEXA bone scan that has revealed a T score of -2.0 in my lumbar spine (Osteopenia) so I really need to think about bone health now.

Just really wanted to check that my latest results look ok and would appreciate the wisdom of the people on here. Any advice is also appreciated.

TFT-TSH < 0.01 ( 0.27 - 4.20 mU/l)

Free T4 12.2 (12 - 22 pmol/l)

Free T3 8.9 (4.0 - 6.8 pmol/l)

Corrected calcium 2.46

Vitamin D: -80


Aunt Flo

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Did you take your meds before the test? I can see why he said that, and it might be worth trying a reduction in T3 to see how you feel.

I'm developing an idea (just that, an idea with no proof or evidence) that people on high replacement doses of T3 with suppressed TSH might (and I mean might) start developing osteoporosis because their thyroid no longer produces calcitonin as the thyroid isn't being stimulated.

I wonder if that is why sometimes people do better on NDT. You get the calcitonin to help protect against osteoporosis.

It might be worth discussing either NDT or calcitonin supplementation with your doctor qjmed.oxfordjournals.org/co...


Hi Rosetrees

Thank you for answering my questions so quickly. I didn't take any meds before my appointment. I will most definitely discuss swapping to NDT with my GP. The guy who did the DEXA scan said it might be worth while getting X-rays on my wrists as I suffer with really sore wrists and joints.

This is just an idea but I'm wondering whether my meds are hindering my weight loss in some way? Since being in T3, losing weight has become so much harder despite upper my exercise heaps?


Could be that you can't lose weight because you have upped your exercise heaps.

Exercising uses up your T3. A person with a working thyroid gland can compensate for this, but you can't, you are on a fixed amount. So, if you are using it all up on exercising, there none left for other things like losing weight. You body still thinks you're hypo and keeps the metabolism low.

Also, you have to be taking in enough calories to support all that exercising AND your other bodily functions such as converting. Again, 'normal' people don't have that problem. But when you're hypo, all the rules go out the window and calories in vs calories out no-longer applies.

I really don't know about the bone thing, except that low thyroid hormones can be responsible for bone loss. I'm not sure about Rosetrees theory because I thought calcitonin was secreted by the parathyroids, but I have no idea how that works.

Still, going on NDT does sound like a good idea. Just slow down on the exercising! OK? lol

Hugs, Grey


Grey, that makes so much sense! I definitely need to rethink the amount of exercise I'm doing lol, I'm becoming a permanent fixture in there.

My next Endo appointment is in a couple of months so will ask for the NDT, it can't harm to try. Xx


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