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Cold sensation running through body

This may sound strange, just wondered if anyone is or has experienced this. At least a couple of times I experience this cold sensation running through my body, almost as if my blood is running cold. It's mostly in my legs but other parts have been affected. I have both an underactive thyroid for which I take levothyroxine and also pbc for which I take urso.

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Yes I get this but on the top of my head and in my ears, its like having ice cold water running through my veins. It was very frightening the first few times it happened, but I'm used to it now. :-(


I have it on a daily basis in my feet, legs and hands. I also have it with burning heat. I think, in my case, this is peripheral neuropathy rather than my thyroid condition - which is supposedly well controlled. I also have RA.

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I get it in my legs. It's as if the cold sensation is pulsating down them and it comes out of the blue. I also have a sensation sometimes as if my leg is touching something hot or as if hot water is flowing down my leg and yet it is not. Plus I get burning feet sometimes. I do have varicose veins and I have had issues on and off with erythromelalgia type symptoms (usually in the evening triggered by eating a hot meal) in my hands so in my case I have a suspicion it's either neuropathic or vascular.


Yes mostly in my legs also feels like water trickling over skin


I love this website, I thought it was something serious, the cold sensation in my legs. When I recently went to America it was approximately 28 or 30 degrees. Really hot And I felt really good, as soon as I came back to uk, it stated again. I am waiting to see if there is any explanation on here. glad I am not alone


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