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Antibodies found but no info from GO!

Hi Guys & thank you for reading this.

I was diagnosed with an underactive thyroid back in January 2007, I had 6 weekly blood tests and my levothyroxine has been at 300mcg since 2010. I had 2 babies between this time ( 4 altogether ) and numerous illnesses such as meningitis, appendicitis, flu, abscess's, I'm a generally run down person that catches everything going & it usually ends up worse than what anyone else get, I also suffer with arthritis in my spine & degenerative discs also.

I have never been referred to a specialist even whilst pregnant - is this normal?

I had my yearly thyroid blood test back in January & the Gp said I was slightly over medicated and reduced my levothyroxine to 250mg and was retested in July, this result showed I was really over medicated and with a lot of persuasion I was finally told my results which were... T4 -80 and TSH less than 0.05.

Again my medication was reduced to 200mg.

I then asked/pushed for a more detailed blood test with b12, iron, T3 this time & finally antibodies!

I really, really had to push / demand for the T3 & antibodies but I got it. So I finally had my last blood test including all of above.

I received my results yesterday and everything bar the thyroid is in the normal range (thank goodness) but I have tested positive for antibodies my levels were 378 international unit. My Gp was interested in this at all. Her exact words 'it just means your thyroid problems run in your family' my TSH is still less than 0.05 with my T4 at 10 and T3 at 31. Gp said that I need to stay on 200mg a day & will retest in 8 weeks.

I'm really quite confused & lot of info on the 'net is confusing. So here I am asking you guys to help me understand all of this in layman's terms as they say!

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Just from my experience and from what I have been researching from when I got a positive result for TPO antibodies (thyroid peroxidase).

It indicates you have an autoimmune condition called Hashimoto's which is where your body recognises the thyroid tissue as an aggressor and starts to attack it as an autoimmune response. This leads to spikes in thyroxin in the blood and ebbs, the spikes are where the thyroid tries to keep going and it releases large amounts into the blood, it can cause raised BP and other hyperthyroid symptoms. The rest of the time you present with hypothyroid symptoms.

I've found that eating gluten free has helped an awful lot but I am still trying to get dosed with a suitable product that doesn't contain gluten. Even the most small amount will start an autoimmune response.

I'm sure someone will be along to provide links to more information, I'm not well versed in doing that on this site yet!


A site with a lot of good info on Hashimoto's. PR

A good site for paleo diet.

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Do you have the ranges for the thyroid tests? I wonder how you'd feel if you had a little t3 added in with your levo...

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I was diagnosed hypo 7 years ago and then TPO antibodies which were 15 then went to 120 last November. After reading up I went gluten and lactose free and antis are now about 0 I do feel better than I was but now have discovered my Iodine levels are very low, 20, optimum is 100-190. So the next stage of my DIY treatment is to deal with low Iodine, just reading up on it! I am on 100mcg levo TSH below 1 Hope you get sorted


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