A must read!

I have been recommending this book all over the place but now believe it needs its own post! Have a read of Izabella Wentz's book "The Root cause" it's great for highlighting things that are out of balance in your body with Hashimotos (AND other endocrine conditions) and gives great tips on what things you need to do and supplements to take, I think this book is fantastic AND it's written by a pharmacologist who actually SUFFERS with Hashi!! Good luck x

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  • ..she also has a website thyroidrootcause.org and thyroidlifestyle.com

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  • Thanks! :D I was just about to try and put links up lol x

  • No worries - it's a team effort here.... :-)

  • What's the tittle of this book you've mentioned,as would like to buy it ,as sounds good information.

  • What's the tittle of the book your mention here,as sounds information that l could do with.

    Thank you

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