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Dear All,

I am currently prescribed 125mg levothyroxine which is not combatting the fatigue and I am now getting hair loss?!

I have been researching alternatives such as T3 as I believe this will help with my metabolism and my weight gain too. Can anyone recommend where I can buy this without a prescription please?

Also, I must share with you a great book called RECOVERING WITH T3 by Paul interesting read where he explains some facts and tells you about his journey and how he has recovered well.


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Parker100 Have you had any vitamin and mineral tests done? Fatigue and hair loss can also be caused by low ferritin and we always suggest testing the following:


Vit D



All these need to be optimal for thyroid hormone to work.

If you haven't had them tested, and your GP won't oblige, you can get them done with a home fingerprick test such as Blue Horizon or Medichecks . These also test FT3 and thyroid antibodies which are very useful if you can't get them done through your GP.

You might find that you are deficient in these vitamins and minerals and optimising them by supplementing makes a difference. It's always a good first step, then if there are still problems looking at alternatives such as adding T3 or changing to NDT would be the next step.

Thank you for this useful information. Great support 😁

He also has a facebook page with the same name. His other book is good too 'The CT3M handbook.' You can only join his FB group if you use t3 only.

There's a series of his videos on YouTube:

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Thank you! 😁

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