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CALCIUM - The Bones of the Matter & Other Info of a Metabolic Nature

A book - 'The Calcium Lie' by Robert Thompson M.D. was recently brought to my attention. I was researching calcium, as a recent hair analysis test I'd had done revealed that I had high calcium. Fortunately I stopped taking Calcium when I saw my test - I am very glad I did.

Perhaps you are already aware of this book, in case not I felt to mention it here as he refers to many things linked to high calcium and why it is an issue. One chapter is entitled:-

Metabolic Failure

How Excess calcium causes Weight Gain, Thyroid & Adrenal Malfunctions & Type 2 Hypothyroidism.

In most chapters he refers to the above (Thyroid & Adrenal Malfunctions). So on reading this my antenna went up!

His observations and findings include treating over 1000 patients, of which almost all of them had high calcium - it is very common and rather serious, as left unchecked it can lead to far more serious health issues.

Why did he write the book, cos he realised the medical profession was getting it wrong, medical school was just not teaching the basic facts....sounds familiar!!

The book is easy to read, he explains his statements on Calcium with sound facts of a biochemistry nature. He also gives advice on what to do about Calcium and how to get the body mineral chemistry in better balance. There are some case studies along the way in the book to.

There are some startling facts about Osteporosis and Calcium along with many other eye opening pieces of information regarding The Calcium Lie.

He has very interesting things to say about Salt, not the white, processed minerally stripped powdered stuff.....but this information was familiar to me. However, was great to re-read it from another angle.

To me his book makes sense , but as always one has to make up their own mind...



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I thought it might be helpful to anyone who is interested in this book to know that there is a website:

The site includes access to one chapter of the book.


Thank you both - have just taken a look at the website - VERY interesting indeed.



Thanks for this, very interesting... thanks for the website helvella.

My mum had supplemented Calcium for years in believing that it will help with her osteoporosis, she had to have her gallblader removed 4-5 years after supplementing. She now have kidney stones. No wonder why...

I read somewhere that supplementing calcium, (not the calcium from food), could lead to kidney stones..



New Chapter do a bone/calcium supplement that differs from many other brands, and better. Not tried it yet. If anyone has, I'd appreciate some feedback.



Be warned, New Chapter ain't cheap. :(


I can't really comment on the supplement from Newchapter.

I would reccomend reading the book before buying anything with calcium in it.

It is also key to know what your mieral status is via hair anlysis.




How reliable is hair analysis if hair is coloured? Also, who do you rec for doing hair analysis? :)


Ps. I take Solgar Ester C Plus (i.e. Vit C supplement) and now realise that it has calcium in it. I've no idea whether it's safe to continue/not because of my severe osteo. :(


Not sure, this company do them you could call them & ask.



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