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Must Read ..sleeping problems and Thyroid Gland

Hi all

I feel I must write this , after only having total thyroid gland removal on Monday my sleep has improved unbelievably. I am due to have a sleep study next month for Apnea but the way things are going I don't think I have it anymore since I had the operation. I am 100% sure these 2 are linked. For the past 4 years my husband has suffered my snoring and so have I. The multinodular thyroid was pressing against my windpipe and especially sleeping on my back was impossible. Just before I fell asleep I woke myself up with the gasping for air and grunting and even last night when I had my 1st sleep at home after the hospital my husband said my breathing was nice , steady and smooth ..not a ONE snore. I will go to this sleep study because when I asked the ENT specialist could these two be linked he said NO ...I am not so sure about that!

Let me know your situations with sleeping problems and snoring.

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There definitely is a link between thyroid problems and sleep apnoea. How can an ENT specialist not know this?!

Here's a couple of studies on it:

I looked into it before because the endo I'd seen last year was convinced that my fatigue was caused by sleep apnoea. Did a sleep study and there was no sign of sleep apnoea whatsoever!


Hurrah we were not imagining it then !!!!


Heeyyyyy glad to hear the op was successful and you are seeing benefits already. Sorry to ask, but since I may have to have this soon, how much does it hurt?


The wound is a bit sore but my swallowing wasn't painful. Bit of discomfort nothing major. Hope all goes well for you :o)


Good to hear that at last you are on the mend. Why do these departments not speak to one another but lay the blame for symptoms at someone else's door. !! Good luck for the future.


Odd really because I could have self diagnosed myself ..its clear that if a swollen and multinodular thyroid is pressing the windpipe it causes snoring ..simples !!


It's called 'buck passing' Pudge- prevalent when there's a lack of top down leadership.

If the country fought a war now- we's probably lose it!

Good job war is unlikely ;~/ but the health service is in desperate need of a 'Churchill type' to put it right.

Definitely NO more bureaucracy !!

I see there's a move afoot to get control back to doctors -but it won't be easy.

Like the credit crunch, the top leeches cling on forever..


Hurray. Im driving myself nuts waking myself up with my snorning and gasping for air. I know my thyroids paractically moved into my windpipe, it might as well move in its horrible feeling in pushing on my wind pipe.

Refreshing to know somebody else has it and its treatable.


Oh Ravenhex its just pants and this has been going for few years and unbelievably 1st night its out the snoring goes where the sun doesn't shine! Its beyond belief that they deny the link or are they pretending that there is no link ? I am actually having sleep study in couple of weeks time for apnea ..interesting to get the results. I am not overweight at all so the weight shouldnt be the issue either . I will deffo post the results when they are available.


hey guys does anyone know about some sort of thing where the thyroid collects a small reservoir of hormone in the extended nodules and then releases it from time to time, causing symptoms of hypo or hyper? Had my ultrasound today and the doc who did it said that there may be something like that going on. Of course have to wait to see the consultant next week, but would be interested in some background info. Also, feeling lively one minute and drained the next, is that symptomatic of any of this?




Babboo thyroid is such a complex organ that anything is possible :o( general feeling of unwellness and moodswings is part of the parcel. Have it sorted out and hopufully with right medication you'll be just fine.


Thanks TH - hope you are feeling OK today


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