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Book recommendations for supplementing vets and minerals?


So I have been given some great advice on this forum about what supplements may help me based on my blood results.

But..... I was wondering if anybody can recommend a good book that helps guide on supplementing. Maybe a book that covers things like what each vita/mineral does, what ranges should be and aids/prohibits absorption so I can work out what to take and when.

I know there's always Google but sometimes you can't beat a good old school book!!

Thanks :-)

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Lol, sorry about title typo! I normally try to avoid vets as much as I do Drs! I mean vitamins!


I've bought this book and found it helpful :

I still double and triple check (using the internet) all the info I read, but I have found it interesting and informative.


Dr Brewer is joint author of Thyroid for Dummies Uk version and is often featured in Healthspans information brochures.

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I didn't know that, thanks for the info.


The immune system recovery plan, by Susan Blum.

Bit American, but clear explanation of gluten connection, adrenal fatigue and leaky gut.


Thanks for the suggestions :-)


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