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Dated, but worth a read.

Some of you may have read this in the past. It's worth a read!


Can you believe it?!

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I think the clue to why so many don't do well on Levothyroxine is that many patients are undermedicated as some doctors insist mid-range TSH is good rather than the 0.5mU/l Vanderpump suggests should be targetted.

"However, in practice it is worth trying to achieve a target serum TSH at around 0.5mU/l, as some patients prefer to be at that end of the reference range."

Funny how patient preference is considered valid in that sentence but is totally dismissed with respect to NDT.

I dispute his recommendation to withdraw T3 if no improvement within 3 months. The usual 10mcg start dose isn't always sufficient and as endo consultations are rarely more frequent than 3 monthly isn't helpful.

Surprised to see both my comments remain when so many were deleted :-D

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one has to be registered to read the article. Can you give the gist, perhaps, please?


Sorry Humphrey, I didn't realise there would be a problem! It's rather a lot to copy n paste onto here. I could email it to you if you message me your email.


Thank you, Sewnsew - PMing.


As Humphrey says, you can't actually read the article from this link. Do you have a way in perhaps? Or could you let us know what the thesis of it is?


Sorry Chancery, if you want to do the same as I've advised above I will email you the article.


Thanks, Sewnsew, I've sent you my email in a message.


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