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Help - getting test results at 6pm

Hi all, I've had hypothyroid symptoms for years in addition to confirmed endometriosis and ME (never really had tests beside blood tests to rule out other causes). Based on other symptoms , my GP thinks it may be hypothyroidism or PCOS so she ordered thyroid function tests and hormone levels. I am going to get the results at 6pm today.

Every time I've had thyroid tests before I've been told they're either normal or borderline. Having read up on it more, I see that it may be that my TSH levels are normal but I may still be hypo, and that this should be determined on the basis of symptoms / a trial of treatment.

My question is, if the GP just says "it's all normal" how do I bring up this issue without annoying her? How do I word the question? Ideally I would like to see the results myself so I can know what's going on but I know some doctors hate this.

I actually know an endocrinologist, and they've said I should push for a trial of treatment even if my TSH is in the normal range based on my symptoms, but how do I do this?

What does a TFT include - does it include T3, T4 etc? The form said TFT whereas forms in the past have said TSH I think, so I'm hoping they took more than just that test.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated - I've had bad experiences with doctors over the years and so I'm not great as asserting myself.

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Ask for copies of your results - even earlier ones so you can see what is going on. This is your legal right - even if you pay a small Admin/Printing fee. There is information regarding this on the main Thyroid UK website....

The full Thyroid Profile is - TSH FT4 FT3 and Anti-TPO and Anti-Tg - the last two ruling out Hashimotos - the auto-immune version of thyroid illness. With Hashimotos you can have 'normal' results but have anti-bodies over without them being tested how would anyone ever know the cause of your symptoms....

Good luck - and hopefully all will be well. Best to make a list in case you forget something :-)

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Cupcakegirl, 'Normal' is a very broad range so you need to see printouts of your results with the lab ref ranges (the figures in brackets after your results). Without knowing what has been tested and what the results are members can't advise.

See what your GP has to say on the phone but don't worry about asserting yourself or asking questions until you have posted your results and had advice. You'll then be able to make a note of questions you want to ask your GP and discuss them at a face to face appointment.

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Thanks ladies - I appreciate your replies. My appointment is actually in person - sort of wish it was over the phone as I could probably be a bit braver! I know I'm entitled to see the results and my notes etc, I've got full copies of my notes from the hospital in the past, I just know how funny some doctors can be with patients who take an interest, research stuff etc and I just want to do it in a way that doesn't get her back up or make her think I'm some sort of hypochondriac (took me ten years to get my endo dx so I've had a lot of that already!).


Cupcakegirl, just ask her to print off the results and ranges for your own records. There's no reason why such a request should get her back up. If your GP won't print them ask the GP receptionist to print them off. Once the GP has reviewed results patients are entitled to see them. If necessary contact the Pratice Manager to access them but don't give up.

Post them here for advice and get your endo friend to take a look at them too.

Good luck this evening.


you need copies of all your results over the years and your GP needs to put ???????????Central Hypothyroid on any blood test otherwise the labs will only do TSH which is totally inadequate


Something for you to think about...

It has been discovered that endometriosis and PCOS sufferers produce more cortisol than healthy women. I don't know which comes first - the high cortisol, or the endometriosis and PCOS.

High cortisol affects thyroid hormone output, and conversion from T4 to T3.

If you haven't already done so, doing an adrenal saliva profile from Genova would be a very good idea.

If your cortisol is high or over the range you might feel an awful lot better if you could reduce it to more normal levels.


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