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Hi, I am going to get trialed on a course of b12 injections to see If helps my deficiency symptoms. Also awaiting blood tests for gastric cell and intrinsic factor. If these come back negative what does this mean? B12 supplements don't seem to do much at mo even tho active b12 is low and I'm

Worried that if comes back negative on antibodies will get taken off them.

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I hope your tests for B12 and PA come back negative. You are obviously extremely low if you are getting a course of injections. If PA, you have to have injections for life and it is a serious condition too.

If you are having problems with B12 supplements, you should use sublingual methylcobalamin B12 after your course of injections and, being sublingual, they dissolve in your mouth go directly into your bloodstream by bypassing your stomach. This is a link re the two B12's which are available. You also cannot overdose as excess is excreted.


Thanks also getting my thyroid checked too was told was high a couple of years ago and now near 3 so further tests being done.


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