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TPO Antibodies

Hi all not been on for awhile as trying to switch off to underactive thyroid and get on with life. Heres my update i was low folate and thats slowly coming back up and my b12 went from 234 down to 114 and had to have b12 injections .

Went for a endo appointment which i thought didnt go so well, basically she said she couldnt see anything else being wrong but will do a blood test.

One month on and letter from results arrived at doctors endo said i was positive for TPO antibodies at 286 sorry no ranges given in letter also CRP was also mildly elevated at 10 with a slightly elevated plasma viscosity at 1.74, sorry no ranges given. I have been refered to ENT and being refered to gastro so awaiting appointments. I feel abit better when i go to endo next time as the way i was made to feel was i was just a hypocondriact. If antibodies are present what does this mean ? I also feel this forum is more medically trained then the endos :).

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Hi, the presence of TPO antibodies means that your thyroid problems are caused by the auto immunie condition known as Hashimoto's thyroiditis. Its good that your B12 and folate levels are being attended to, this will allow your thyroid meds to work better (that is if you are taking any).

Good luck, Jan


sorry i didnt mention meds im levothyroxin start on 25mg and now on 100mg,also on 5mg of folic acid. if there any questions i can ask endo as i feel as even though i read on here i just cant seem to take anything in. I also have a gut problem it makes noises like when u are hungry and also feels like a sore throat but isnt but this seem to be off and on. thx


....there is a website where you can sign up for a Newsletter and learn more about Hashimotos. Auto-immunity can very often start with gut issues. The book written by Izabella Wentz about Hashimotos is an excellent read. There is an earlier post covering this subject.

Your sore throat could be connected with the inflamed thyroid - which should improve once you are on treatment for some time. Are you taking Selenium and it is best to check out how to take care of your Immune System - rather than think of yourself as having a thyroid issue....

I have Crohns FM and Hashimotos and doing much better after 40 years of being ill. Lots to learn and here there are loads of very helpful people. Have you looked at the main Thyroid UK website ?


Just want to check, you are aware that most people who start on B12 injections need to keep having them regularly for life? They are typically done around every 12/13 weeks, but some people (many from what I have read) need them more frequently than that.


Hi Helvella my next injection if 25th of october but im a little confussed as even though my b12 was low but in range at 214 think ranges where 184 to 800 and i was taking folic acid and then my b12 went to 114, when i stop taking folic acid when my levels go up will my b12 stabilize? i have been tested for pernicas anemia and that was negative,also im tpo positive so does that mean i defently have hashimoto. Thx


I don't know. Not surprised you are confused.

Positive TPO antibodies is a strong indicator of Hashimoto's - often taken as "yes, you have it" - but technically it is not proof. Most doctors would happily accept it except after thyroid surgery.



thankyou for your replys and will look at them links marz.


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