Dr refuses T3 and for thyroid antibodies!!

I saw my GP on Friday and he refused point blank to test both T3 and for antibodies ? So disappointing to be called fair fat and 40, I don't need to go into all the details, as there are quiet a few who have the same symptoms , weight, tired, pain in limb ect ect , I am on NDT and Vit D and Iron, any suggestions of his I could improve my energy levels! (2 grain of NDT) thank you in advance

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  • Check your adrenals? Made a much bigger difference to me than any amount of thyroid medication ever did.....

    G x

  • Thank you , am going to sound daft now how do I check my adrenals ? X

  • Is your NDT prescribed? Because my first thought would be to increase your dose if you're still symptomatic. But I understand how scary it is to go it alone.

  • No I get it prescribed, there was mention of increase in July, but when the mention of heart rate possible rising it worried me ? But need to do something because it awful to not feel right all the time x

  • Adrenal profile test , along with a myriad of other tests are available privately ... You deal direct with the lab yourself. Details under testing on the website home page. thyroiduk.org.uk/tuk/

    Xx g

  • If the GP said "Fair, fat and 40" he was thinking gall stones. I can bet you he would have not said that to a man! As I understand it, thyroid problems raise the cholesterol levels and this can mean a higher risk of gall stones. If you have them, and they are not causing problems, the medical profession ignores them.

  • Hows your B12 and foliates ? Sorting this has made a huge difference to me and weekly b12 injections also appear to have stabilized my rather eratic thyroid function. Iron and vit D did nothing for me even though I was deficient in both. not sure why the doctor has refused to test for anti bodies, but I wouldnt worry about it too much its not like they treat you any better or different if you have them, they are only used to diagnose the type of hypothyropidism you have. doctors are completely useless when it comes to antibodies. <insert huge sigh here>

  • Change your GP, this one is deadly!!

  • I would try and raise and see what happens. The heart racing can be a temporary thing until you adjust and it's usually not that bad. There are meds to slow it, until you adjust or you just reduce the ndt dosage and heart issues will stop in a few days. Beta Blockers have helped me to slow my heart and stop the trembling when i have gone hyper..widely used and safe.

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