Hello, i have an appointment tomorrow at the gp to discuss blood test results... i told her i self medicate with T3 ... as the surgery would not prescribe, i told her of the amazing difference since adding T3, i take 25mcg of t4 and 75mcgs of t3 which i have built up to that gradually.

Just phoned to see if results are back... Tsh is less than 0.01 t4 3.7 free t3 6.0 do these results seem normal? i feel really well.

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  • Miffi, can you post the lab ref ranges (the figures in brackets after your results) to help members interpret and advise.

    Your FT3 is probably towards the top of range but I doubt it is over range. TSH and FT4 are suppressed which is to be expected on oral T3 as you are bypassing the need for T4 to T3 conversion. Results look good to me.

    As you feel really well I wouldn't change anything :)

  • I would tend to agree with clutter :)

  • You can expect your GP to tell you that you are under medicated. I also self medicate and deliberately do not share results anymore as NHS GPs tend to become hysterical if TSH is not elevated. It's just the way they have been conditioned.

    Agree with Clutter - do not change anything and do not allow yourself to be bullied into changing anything if you feel well. It's about symptoms not box ticking

  • Thank you all for replying... i thought they were good to :).... i didnt get a print out, the receptionist gave them to me on the phone, the gp is going to go on about low TSH levels... i thought the t3 would suppress theTSH? anyway? she will probaly tell me to increase the t4 i bet!!

  • The fact that you are feeling well is the best way to know if you are on the correct meds. Blood tests are only a guide.

  • Yes your T3 will be suppressing your TSH and the FT4. Your doctor will probably think you are overmedicated because of the TSH level being so low but undermedicated because your FT4 is so low. In other words he will be confused. I read one post here once where someone's lab had gone ballistic because they decided from her results that she was going into pituitary failure (they didn't know she was taking T3). If you are feeling well that's brilliant. Don't let them persuade you to change anything.

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