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Are my thyroid levels really normal?

I have just received my thyroid levels from my doctor and i wondered if anyone can advise.

The first lot of results show my T4 as 15.0, t3 5.3 and TSH as 4.5

The 2nd lot reads T4 16.1, T3 5.3 AND TSH 2.4

The consultant states these are normal results so am due to see him again next month and would like to go armed with some information.

Thanks for any advise

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We really need the ranges which go with these levels. The ranges are in brackets as labs differ and it makes it easier for someone to comment. This is an example TSH 4.5 (0.2-5.5)

Try and get a complete copy of your blood test results and maybe your consultant has written to your GP with one.

The main question is "How do your feel?"


I feel like crap, constantly tired, irritable also have a swollen neck, feel cold, hair falling out and also have spots mainly on neck and across shoulders. I am not working and cant claim benefits as the other half is working full time so getting stressed which makes it worse. And nobody else seems to understand


The fact that you have a swollen neck should be looked at whatever your 'results' are. Your consultant should not take results in a vacuum, hopefully when you see him, he will investigate that, and if it's the thyroid which is causing the swelling he will be able to feel it himself.

I am sure others will be able to give you more advice, but first of all, there are many of us out here who DO understand and although we can't cure you, at least here you can express your feelings and your symptoms and get a listening ear. If it helps with the stress, go ahead and have a jolly good moan. We've all done it. Hugs XXX Marie


Hi I also left my blood results but didn't receive a reply; please help.T.4-1.56(0.70-1.48) T.3-2.59(1.71-3.71)TSH1.8362(0.35-4.94) I have been told these are normal and that my three stone weight gain is not due to my underactive thyroid,I am on 75mcg of Euthyrox per day.Ariella


Hi Ariella sorry I can't help but if you put your question in again \I am sure that some one will reply . Occaisionally a question slips through with out an answer .

Jo xx


Thank you Jo i will represent it xx


Hi Arielle, many people on levo find that they need to have their TSH suppressed to feel well on levo. Dr Toft, a repsected endocrinologist, wrote a patient book on Hypothyroidism that saysthis which you can buy from Boots the Chemists -which you could show your GP that you need more levo. Do you have symptoms? The other thing is that some people do not get well on levo even though their bloods show that everything is in range. This is because the blood show a serum level (that is what is in the blood) not what we are absorbing into out tissues -which of course is what we really need. Sadly there is no test for uptake in tissues or cells in out bodies -wish that there was!

you may need to add a little bit of T3 to your levo or if that doesn't work go onto a NDT like Westhroid or Erfa or Armour. Stop the madness is a really informative website that give loads of info and Thyroid Uk ot TPA ( Thyroid Patient Advocacy) has info on how to approach your GP about this.

The other thing is to get your Gp to check is your B12 and Vit D levels as many hypothyroid people have poor B12 levels and the northern hemisphere is known to be low in Vit D -you need to be over 500nmol for your B12 and aim for over 50nmol for your vit D -your GP will tell you are fine at lower levels -even really low levels will be described as 'in range' so ask for print out!

Really hopes this helps. ( i had to go onto a NDT to get well and take sublingual B12....& vit xx


Many thanks, my B12 is1180 (187-883) i am going to have my Vit D tested this week I was put on a high dose of Armour at first 4 years ago but still no result? then put on a lower dose of thyroxene. Did you lose weight on NDT? LOL xx


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