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Raised TSH levels and told "levels ok"

Hi Everyone,

Persistence wins the day!

Just got my results from Doctors.Told this morning by secretary at Health Centre that my GP had put comments on my results screen,to continue with Levothyroxine at 75mcg,as latest results are ok.As I am "not well",I asked for my TSH,T3 and T4 levels.Told she didn't have them.

After thinking it over and mulling over everything I have heard on here,decided to phone back and push for the results.

I have Hashimoto's.Results are;TSH 3.72,no T3 done,T4 15.I explained I didn't think these results were "normal",she offered me an appointment tomorrow with a GP to discuss.

Please could someone advise me on this increased TSH?I really am feeling very poorly and getting worse.


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Hi PaulaG,

Everyone is different, but I certainly wouldn't be feeling well if my TSH was that high. GP's do have an obligation to treat hypo patients based on symptoms as well as blood test results. I am sure there is an article on the Thyroid UK web site which says that people on Levothyroxine need to have thier TSH below 1 and their T4 at the higher end of the range to feel better, I think the article might have been under the 'older news' heading. If you can find it, it might be worth printing it and taking it along to your GP.

If all else fails ask to be referred to an Endocrinologist.

I hope you get a result :)


Hi HazelD,

almost looking forward to the battle with my GP today,as I probably know more than them.I have lots of info to discuss and back-up my suggestion of increasing my Levo dose and asking why someone with Hashimoto's does not receive better help.




Hi Paula,

It's amazing that we all seem to have to push and push just to feel well.. I too have Hashimoto's. I've read ( and I'm sure others will agree) that we need to have a TSH as close to 0.00 as we can get it, with a T4 as high ( possibly in the 20's mine's 21and still feeling gross!!).. Try to get blood test's done in the morning.. So perhaps you could ask the Dr to increase your Levo to see if it bring's better level's.. Just because your "IN normal range" doesn't mean you feel NORMAL... write a list of your symptoms ( possibly have a look at the stop the thyroid madness web site as a comprehensive list) and see what the DR say's .. good luck and hope you feel better soon.. Perks


Hi Perks,

thanks for the advice.I am taking on board everyone's advice and feel much more confident about tackling GP today,





The USA, belgium, Germany, Sweeden and several other countries would regard you as hypothyroid as their TSH top level is around 2.5.......

Your T4 result doesn;t look that bad, hope you didn't take any T4 within 24 hours of the test? if you did this will account for the level. Can't remember who said not to take it but it was said by an endo who was working for the RCP at the trial of Dr Skinner.

If the t4 is reasonable but the tsh is high then this would imply that there is either a conversion problem, so the t4 is not getting converted into t3, or if it is there might be a cellular uptake problem.

If the t4 is not being converted into t3, it will sit around in the blood and can cause joint and muscle pain. Then it can get converted into reverse t3, which means it looks good on tests but you feel terrible as the cells can't use reverse t3.

First thing to do, is try more t4, you want your tsh down below 1. If this doesn't work, try adding t3 and decreasing t4.

Are you taking selenium to help with conversion?

and lots of Vit C?

Nel x


Hi Nel,

Yes,unknowingly,I did take my 75 mcg dose of Levothyroxine within 24hrs,is that what you mean?Haven't tried Selenium yet but I will.Meeting with a GP today armed with lots of info,results and list (a long one!) of all current symptoms.Have promised myself I will not leave the Doctors until I have my Levothyroxine raised to 100 mcg,follow-up blood test in a month,if still not right,a 125 mcg prescription.

Thanks for you advice,



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