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Tingly index finger, hashimotos

Hi, this is my first time posting anything on any forum, wish me luck! I've had hashimotos since my 20's, now 40. I've had 2 iron infusions for symptoms, as unable to tolerate large doses of iron. Recently I was having racing heart and associated light headedness/ dizzy spells, GP and I agreed to reduce my thyroxine from 100mcg to 75mcg. I'm 173cm and 63kg. I also have raised billirubin and mild von willebrands. Now I'm super tired and have a tingly/numb index finger..... This is really bothering me.

Recent bloods calcium 2.32 mmo/l, vit d 68 nmo/l, billirubin 23 umol/l, iron 8umol/l down from 21 in April and fe 77ug/l down from 105 in June, tsh 4.03mu/l,

Any thoughts on what to do... Clearly too much thyroxine makes my heart race, I've been reading that too little might be causing my tingly finger problem.

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Welcome to the forum, Jhk1.

Your TSH 4.03 is too high and means you are undermedicated. TSH should be just above or below 1.0 for someone on thyroid medication. Racing heart can be symptomatic of under and over medication. I would ask your GP to increase your Levothyroxine until your TSH comes down. Scroll down to Guidelines and Treatment Options in the link to read Dr. A. Toft's comments in Pulse Magazine.

Tingling can also be due to under medication, low/deficient B12 and low vitD. Your vitD is 'adequate' but short of the optimal 75-200 so you may benefit from supplementing 1,000iu daily of vitamin D3 in softgel capsules. Ask your GP to test your B12 and folate. Folate is a fasting blood test.

Your iron has dropped and looks low although it's hard to tell without the lab ref range. Ferritin is still in the optimal 70-90 range but dropping. You may need to discuss another iron infusion or supplements with your GP.


Dear Clutter, thanks for getting back to me, I am seeing the GP in 2 weeks but just not sure I could continue with how I was feeling with no clue as to what is happening. My treatment for the past 20 years has been uncomplicated. So to have a racing heart, dizzy spells, a numb fingertip and be so tired it has unsettled me. My GP is great so I will ask for those blood tests you suggest. JHK1


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