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What a plonker!! 3rd endo visit

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Well today i travelled 50 miles again to see my endo, why?? Just for him to diss everything about hashis and graves and said"we cant do anything for immune diseases maybe in a few years"so i mentioned about my nodules and how they affect me- "nodules have to be really big to irritate" so i handed him info on nodules that does state that several nodules that are not big can cause various symptons and if become a problem should be taken out-he boo hooed this too snd any many other things which is too long to go through, by this time i told him that i disagreed with everything he has said so far-um this went down like a lead brick😨 the only decent thing he said was "you can reduce meds of carbi to 2.5mgs every other day-great!! He just was not interested in my symptons that have prevented me going back to work yet-8 months now, i will still keep on fighting to get what i want to feel better, i feel so sorry for people who pin their hopes on these endos hoping for some magic solution and help, i am £25 down in my purse for travelling on a train and taxi to be told reduce your meds!! 😊😊

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....which was what you wanted to do anyway !

Rmichelle in reply to Valarian

Yes at least i have his agreement for that!! Hooray something positive.😊

But there is No viable cure for Hashi or graves.

The only way you could stop attacks is to use immuno suppressants but the risk is greater than benefit.

Those treatments are exclusive to sever conditions like aids or patients with transplants I've heard of some autoimmune rheumatological conditions being treated too.

Believe me their life on immuno suppressants is no walk in a park.

Thankyou for imput but he was not sympathetic to anything and was not interested in anything apart from his own opinion, i know there is no cure but he even dissed symptons having anything to do with hashi flares or graves, or nodules-with endos it always someone elses problem!! Thankyou.xx

I will do

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