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Very Good Endo Visit Yesterday

I saw my Endo yesterday and he confirmed that my blood results were very good .

TSH 0.59. (0.27 - 4.20). FT4 14.1 ( 12.0 - 22.0 ). FT3 4.3. ( 3.1 - 6.8)

I am taking 75mcgs T4 + 10 mcgs T3

He commented on the fact that I take my meds so early in the morning........ Between 6.00 am - 6. 30 am when I first wake up.

His reasoning was that my T3 will last for about 6hours and suggested that if I'm going to be active in the afternoon that I should take a small extra amount of T3.

I said that I was interested in trying Armour Thyroid.

After some discussion it was suggested that I try it for a month to see how I feel about it.......... I am supplying that myself.

I felt good when I left him( even though I'm still suffering a cold virus at the moment)

I felt that he has been fair and approachable and I feel more confident and involved in the management of my thyroid problems..........I can't say fairer than that.

I will see him again in six months.

Many thanks to you all here too for your guidance and help in getting me to where I am.

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Wow! It's amazing how much a decent endo visit bucks you up isn't it. Your man sounds really good. Have you given details of who he is and where to find him to Louise for her hist of sympathetic endo's?

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Yes......I recommended him for Louise's list sometime ago........thank you for your reply certainly feels good so I keep my fingers crossed that I can build on that.




What is your question mark asking? Are you asking for details?

I am in Essex and he is on Louise's list.....hope this helps.


My ? Is a weird typo that I definitely didn't intend to send. How odd. The gremlins must have arrived along with the snow we now have. Apologies.


No problem ....I have conversations with my

I Pad which often has a mind of it's own!!

We too woke to a layer of white this morning which has thankfully thawed.......pretty in the gardens and fields but not so welcome on the roads.

Keep warm and well. M x


I consider your current T4 to be low rather than normal and your t3 could be higher too

You will need at least 6 months on Armour to know if it makes a difference and it can take a year to really get better


Thanks for your reply.

As was pointed out when I first received my blood test results last week.....that my levels will be higher than that as I hadn't taken any meds for 24 hours before testing and I feel quite happy with all that was discussed yesterday.

I may try taking Armour in the morning and some T3 to boost me in the afternoon.

There are charts that I can use for conversion.

It was so good to have someone actually ask how I felt ,in order to assess things rather than just bury their head in the screen results from the lab.


I'm glad for you Marfit. Long may it last!


Thanks belwom....I certainly feel more relaxed about things these days regarding adjusting medication according to needs etc...When I look back to when I was first prescribed Levothyroxine over twelve years ago,I used to mark each new pack with the day of the week started so I knew if I'd missed one .......oh dear!!

Things have changed a bit since then.

I have to say though that it seems to take much hard work to be able to build a working relationship with your team with regard to Thyroid matters and I feel very fortunate now.

I wish you well too. x


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