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Mexican T3 - delay in delivery

I order my cynomel/T3 from Mexico, and last week they informed me that my order could take 4 to 5 weeks, because of hold ups in the USA.

Has anybody made an order recently, if so, could you tell me how long you had to wait for it?

My order was shipped from Mexico on 4th August, but I will run out in about 8 days, so a bit concerned.

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Mine was posted on the 25th July and it hasn't arrived yet.


Ordered mine on 29th July' keeping fingers crossed! Thanks for replying.


Hi I orderd some about a week after the increased security and got the same email as you. The tablets arrived within two weeks. X :-)


My Endo prescribes T3....I was taking 20mcg....he upped it to 30mcg

The 20mcg is Mercury pharmacist ordered my other 10 mcg and had to get it from the came as 5mcg, but a lot bigger tablets than the 20 lots of fillers


Strange thing is the advice is much more detailed than any UK advice

And they arrived within in few days........hmmmmmmm

Methinks yet another scandal.....

Mercury Pharma is ripping the NHS off...


I was told exactly the same thing and mine arrived 18 days later.


That's encouraging. Crossing my fingers! Thanks for replying


I had a delivery about 3 weeks ago and it arrived in just over a week.


I expect that was before the USA issued an orange alert( high terrorist risk) . Don't know how long this is for, so going to do another order today.

Thanks for replying.


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