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Looking for the best T3

I've been taking Cytomel for the past three years. I've lost my insurance and it's very expensive- $175 for 100 tabs. I've been looking at alternatives. There is Grossman's Cynomel, which I can order from Mexico for a fraction of the cost. I'm also looking at Unipharma.

If you have any experience with T3 meds, please share it with me! Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you!

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I've used both Henning T3 (called thybon) and Prothyrid (T3/T4 combo) both are from Sanofi (German pharma company). I used to buy the Henning at full cost before my insurance started paying and I think that was about 20 euros for a box of 50? 20mcg each. A box of 100 was probably around 30 euros? If you can get those they are good brands.



Grossman Cynomel was probably the favourite T3 used on the forum until it was unavailable when UniPharma become widely used. There is also Tiromel from Turkey. Like anything else different brands suit different people. There is currently a shortage of UniPharma so it may be quicker to order Grossman's Cynomel or Tiromel.


This site suggests much lower prices for Cytomel (though these are 30 tablets not 100):

But you don't say where you actually are - am assuming USA?


That is quite expensive. When I had it prescribed in the US (I am assuming you're in the US?), I think around 2013 it was $100ish for 100 tablets.

I have used the Grossman from Mexico and it was great. I still have some left and it seems to work just as well now even though I think it's beyond its expiration date.


I find Grossman's Cynomel is very good. Dr P advised me to use that and I think it is considered by some to be the best T3.


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