Can anyone help?

My daughter has been ill for nearly 3 months with fatigue, sleeping a lot of the time at first but then seemed much better after a couple of months and was starting to do some walking and less sleeping. She then started having tremors in her legs which were horrendous, lasting up to 3 hours at a time and several times a day. She was given Diazapam and then Baclofen to try and control them but they weren't working. In desperation, I tried an intensive magnesium, B vitamins and CoQ10 supplement which amazingly seemed to do the trick! She has been able to walk and do more things in the last week. We are waiting to see an endocrinologist and a neurologist but I wondered if anyone had any advice. I suffer with chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia with normal TSH results but my T4 was 12 and my doctor let me have a trial of thyroxine 18months ago with great results. My daughter's TSH was normal and T4 was 14.5 but her GP wouldn't let her have a trial, despite many more symptoms of under active thyroid than me. She has suffered with mild fatigue for years and has developed more symptoms of under active thyroid over the past year. Thanks.

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  • Appalachian, please post your daughter's recent thyroid bloods results with the lab ref ranges (the figures in brackets after her results) to help members comment.

    I hope her endo and neurology appointments come through soon.

  • Thanks Clutter. The TSH is 0.3 - 4.2 and the T4 is 10 - 25. Twelve months ago her TSH was 3.1 and T4 was 12. She was much better then than she has been recently and more under active symptoms have come on since then. Her TSH in June this year was 1.3 and T4 14.5 when she was very fatigued and not able to get out of bed.



  • I'm baffled, Appalachian. Your daughter's thyroid results are much better in June and I'd expect her to feel better rather than worse. I hope her free T3 will be tested as this will give a fuller picture of her thyroid health.

  • Thanks Clutter. The endo should do full tests when we see him. I've just had magnesium, calcium and vit D blood tests back. The magnesium is just at the bottom end of the range now 0.79 (0.7-1.05) after two weeks of intensive supplements so that must have been very low. Calcium and vit D are slightly low so doctor has prescribed those as well. She has more energy now and is not in bed all day and more interested in doing things although she obviously gets very tired pretty quickly.



  • Liz, I doubt 2 weeks supplementing will have improved magnesium much. It generally takes 6/8 weeks to feel much improvement when supplementing. Zinc should be taken with magnesium as they are synergistic and need to be kept balanced.

    I'm glad your daughter is feeling a little better. You'll know she's a lot better when she gets gumpy and irritable, not nice to be around, but a sure sign of improvement :)

  • Ask your GP to test for Active B12.

  • B12 has been done a few times and it's always ok. I can't remember what the result was now but always the same and within bands.

    Thank you


  • Hi Liz

    What about zinc and copper and Vitamin B6 levels?

    If zinc is low, B6 is low and high copper.

    Then a possibility could be Pyroluria.

    (something I only recently came across as a member on Health Unlocked made me aware of this.)

    If their are white dots on finger nails then this is a sign of Pyroluria if their is also low zinc, low B6 and high copper.

    Zinc and copper ratio should be balance.

    High copper can also lead to fatigue, chronic fatigue and in my case brain fog.

    Best Wishes

  • Thanks , will try and get mine checked

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