Henning Thyroxine side effects

Hi Eeveryone

I used to take Eltroxin but since it was made unavailable i went onto Mercury Pharma unbranded, with bad results my heart palpitations became unbearable.

So i now take Henning thyroxine after hearing very good results, i have been taking it for 3mths now.

I have just had my T.S.H levels checked and they came back as 7 out of range, i was disappointed, my G.P said to increase to 100 but when i have done that in the past i felt very hyper.

So i am taking 75 one day ( which is my original dosage) and 100 the next, at first on Henning my palpitations where playing up but now sweet relief down to nothing basically.

But 2 mths into taking Henning i have developed horrible migraines (with aura) i am then left with a constant headache that will not go, My G.P is not concerned but i am, i have only ever had 3 migraines in my life and it usually occured around the time of my period, but didnt happen very often.

As i say i reckon about 3 in my life time, but now i seem to have suddenly developed them, i was wondering could it be a side effect of the Henning i hope not as i was banking on this medication working for me. even though i heard the bio availability was good i obviously need more.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks Dotti

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  • Forgot to say i have also gone through the Menopause dont know if that has anything to do with it as well.

    Regards Dotti

  • It's a pity there is no Brand of levothyroxine in the UK at present. I found Eltroxin did not give me side effects, others did. I wonder if its the fillers/binders used in Henning. I don't know if this would work to see if you are having an adverse reaction - take an anti-histamine 1 hour before your next dose and if you don't have a migraine, it must be the fillers/binders. Your GP will then have to find you an alternative as he really cannot expect you to keep getting severe headaches if its from the medication. Migraines are very disabling and you don't want regular headaches.

  • Thanks Shaw's will give that a try


  • If you do think you have a sensitivity, the only hypo-allergenic one is Naturethroid which is an NDT.

  • Thank you maybe that's the route I will have to go


  • Doesn't help you but I find Henning to be good and have no such issues.

  • Sorry - I meant also to mention migraines. Like you, I have had barely a handful of them in my entire life. But at some point between being diagnosed and getting onto my current 100mcg dose, I did have a few migraines with aura - and virtually nothing else. Hardly any nausea, pain or anything but the aura. But that aura was so distinctive, conformed so well to the classical descriptions, I have no doubt that it really was a migraine aura.

    Even then, I only had a handful, and then they simply stopped. I have a feeling it was somewhere around when I changed from 75 to 100 levothyroxine (not a German make). I rather hope the same happens for you.


  • I've been having migraines lately and have had several goes at trying to get them under control. My GP put me on amytriptylene 10mg a day which helped but made me feel fuzzy all day (took them about 8pm and was out like a light by 10pm so good for sleep!), then was given veraptimil (same thing) and pregabalin - same result. Anyway I have stopped them all now and no more migraines (touchwood). The idea was to break the cycle, which it seems to have so far. Also upped my supplements AND my levo from what it was put down to back to when I was well. But one thing that I heard during this time was that you can get peri-menopausal migraine, so just putting it out there that it might be that.

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