medical report for road accident- am I entitled to a copy .Anyone have any knowledge please?

had a road traffic accident on 30/6/14. lorry went into back of me when I was stationary-waiting to turn right into my drive.he was doing 40 according to his tacho and only 9 meters of tyre marks. I was pushed 15 meters across the road into a hedge.Severe whiplash other back and shoulder pain ,haematomas on both lower legs where the seat was pushed into my legs.The worst thing was seeing it happen in my mirror. Anyway I feel lucky in some respects as it could have been so much worse.Have been paid out for my car but am still waiting for medical assessment through insurance.

I have given permission for them to access my medical records [hospital and Gp] and need to know if I am entitled to a copy of these reports and then the report that the medical assessment doctor does.

I am on armor thyroid I was feeling pretty good on 4 grains before the accident. My bloods show very slightly over TSh <0.05[0.35-5.50] T3 6.8 [3.5-6.5] T4 17.1[7.0-17.0] and the consultant has suggested cutting down to 3.5 grains to make sure all my symptoms attributable to the accident come out.

Grateful for any thoughts please.

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  • Jilly, sorry to hear about your accident. I hope you'll be fully recovered soon. You are entitled to copies of your medical records from the hospital and your GP and possibly from the insurance company but I'm not sure on the last one. You may be charged £50 each for your hospital and GP records as the accident was more than 40 days ago. More info in the links below:

  • thanks for your reply and the links. Still not sure about the medical assessment for the insurance.Will have to check with the solicitor.Thanks again


  • When you give permission for a medical report, it states on the permission form that you give permission and either 1) that you want to see the report before it is despatched from the doctor or that 2) you don't want to see it. If you are concerned then tick the box saying that you want to see it first. Allowing access to your medical records is a different matter and if you want to see those you will have to make a request yourself and pay for that. Clemmie

  • Hi Clemmie Thanks for you speedy reply There was no tick box on the form .But I am with DAS so i'm not surprised. They wanted photos of damaged clothes.They were cut off me. Who keeps them to take photos!!! Jill

  • Well if I were you, I would contact whoever has been asked to write a report, stating that you want to see it prior to it being sent to the insurance company. If you contact them by post then send it recorded or special delivery so that you have proof of your request. The problem with your clothes is that you were probably still in shock and of course you don't think to take photographs. However, the medical report from the hospital should go some way to mitigating that because they wouldn't try to pull off clothes in case of spinal injury. I hope that all goes well for you. Clemmie

  • thanks I will try contacting them.Jill

  • If you were well on your dose and your blood tests look fine, I would be extremely reluctant to reduce my dose of Armour. Reducing the dose can affect your metabolism so I doubt the consultant could distinguish between 'accident' and low dose symptoms.

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