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Asked for a copy of my results I am Hypo

I dont understand what I need to post regarding my results as they are gobbled gook to me and doctor says they are fine and got shirty when I ask for a copy and asked why I wanted them (she wasnt happy something about saving trees, and not wanting me to self diagnose) I informed her as I have been feeling downm breathless, tired but wide awake and lost the motivation to exercise since October. up to this point the Gym was my home I love excersing its who I am so when I read a post on here about optimal levels for those that exercise or you crash I identified with it so made my appointment wednesday got results today to say all is well. I cant believe it. So I said I was posting them on here ooh the face was a picture tone changed but along with the above I have had a few weeks of stomach pains changes in stools one minute very loose then next rabbit droppings. Sleeping for hours then nights of not sleeping at all so if my levels are correct there is something going on. So I need help in what results to post or can I just take a photo of them to post?

Advise is needed.

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SlasJ You can put up a photo as long as it is clear and readable. You can only add a photo to the first post in a thread. You can edit this post if you like by clicking on the down arrow V, choose edit, add a photo, then click Edit Response.

Or you can type the results in. Make sure the reference ranges are included, it will look something like

TSH: 2.4 (0.27-4.20)

Hopefully you've got



FT3 (possibly not)

TPO antibodies

Add anything else you've got also.


thank you I have just sat and added them under the header nearly newby needed help with results. as my memory is shot it is something along those lines. Thank you


First of all SlasJ your doctor has no right to get shirty. These test results belong to you.

Once registered you may be able to see your blood test results online and then she doesn't need to worry about saving the freaking planet. It's much more likely I would suggest that she is feeling threatened by your interest in something she clearly considers 'her' domain. If you have consulted her and she can't return you to wellness then you have every right to take your thyroid health into your own hands. This is no way abrogates her responsibility to be your medical adviser but in your moccasins, I would consider changing GP. We do not live in a medical dictatorship; just many in the medical profession consider we should think that way.

Good luck


I am going to reguster on monday to access online. Thank you gor your support.


Do you use any form of aluminium or non stick coated or foil cookware because thay are most common cause of constipation or rabbit droppings

Also when water supply is treated with aluminium or alum or flouride all are deadly neuro toxins


Yes cook on foil and water here has flouride in it.


Then you are pouring poison into your body and causing many gastric and nerve problems ....i know because i spent 2 yrs in a wheelchair simply bcos i used aluminium pans .....use only stainless steel or cast iron or glass and either filter your watervor install reverse osmosis

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Hi SlasJ, just a little thing worth mentioning. It took me months to get registered to see my results online, Practice kept making excuses - no record of my request, need ID (fair enough) but then lost ID, different ID requested, system down etc etc then I read someone's advice to request in writing and found that they have to comply within, I think, two weeks. So I wrote the request carefully dating it and hey presto was up and running within two weeks.

Best of luck.


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