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I need a sympathetic consultant / doctor to compile a report for me


I have suffered since 2008 with hypothyroidism.The treatment has been long and complicated including at one stage having injectable thyroxine 3 times a week and numerous hospital stays and tests.

I have just had 18months off work due to the crippling symptoms associated with the illness and am now on 400mg of Eltroxin daily ( i have had every test known to man and indeed tried every combination of t3/t4).

Despite being on this high dosage , I am back in work on reduced hours but am finding this hard.I have to sleep in the afternoon every day just to get by ! Brain fog , weight gain , and all the assocaited symtoms remain.

I applied for medical retirement, but because my consultant would not elaborate on any degrees of permanencey regarding the condition , it was decided that there is a likelihood of me getting better within my remaining 8yrs of service and as such my retirement denied.

I am now appealing and as such would like the help of a sympathetic dr/consultant who looks beyond the fact that your bloods are in the acceptable zone and who is supportive of this miserable illness.

Any suggestions ? and indeed any ideas on how I can improve my world ?

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Some people do not get well on synthetic thyroid medications and you would appear to be one. Unfortunately due to the British Thyroid Association's stance on prescribing alternatives (more expensive) we have to have private consultations.

I and many others have recovered their health by going private. If you are able, email and ask for details of sympathetic doctors. Don't waste your money seeing people who have rigid ideas about synthetic thyroid hormones.

This is an archived site which has extensive subjects on thyroid gland problems which you may find informative. Some of the links within may not work. Particularly, there is one on thyroid hormone resistance.

One of our members, Suze, had problems with all usual thyroid medications and had to use an electric scooter to get around but she has recovered, more or less, with a purified thyroxine - very expensive and this is a link to her profile. You can message her if you wish.


Great. Thank you I will look into this. X


Have you had your adrenals tested? When thyroid hormone replacement doesn't work, adrenal fatigue is often the reason. It can be treated and adrenals restored to health. If I were you, I would get a test.

Hugs, Grey


HI. ...yes I've had these tested :-( x


Hi - have you tried T3 only? my husband was very unwell for years, was put on a trial of T3 only and started to recover his health within days. It doesnt work for everyone but sure did for him.


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