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What do my results mean

I posted some time ago as I am having lots of hypothyroid symptoms ie weight gain despite diet and exercise, fatigue but then can't sleep, aches and pains, brittle hair and nails etc etc. Over the past few months I have had various blood tests my tsh has gone from 1.7 to 3.53 and on last test was 4.05. Also had free t3 which is 4.2 (3.5-6.5) b12 IS 210 (211-??) VARIOUS others which I don't have with me today but gp says nothing wrong with me and doesn't know why I've got my symptoms, dint think she believes me to be fair

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Tracy, Your TSH is steadily rising and it doesn't look like it will take long to tip over the 5.0 when your GP will probably consider you to be subclinically hypothyroid. Make sure your next thyroid blood test is early in the morning when TSH is highest.

Your GP should provide B12 injections to prevent neuropathy caused by untreated B12 deficiency.

Give your GP a copy of the recently updated BCSH guidelines

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