What do my results mean? TSH & T4

I have had hypothyroidism for 5 years & am on 100 mg Levothyroxine. I have recently had a baby (4 months ago), my medication was not altered at all throughout my pregnancy. I have just had a blood test to check my levels post natal & the results are TSH 0.08 & T4 22.9 (upper range is 22). My doctor said I'm borderline Hyperthyroidism but is not changing my medication. The only changes in symptoms recently have been weight loss (but I'm breastfeeding so attribute it more to this) & losing hair including eyelashes. Any help would be appreciated. Ideally I'd like my T3 testing but they don't/won't do it 😒

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  • Sho28, Low TSH and mildly over range FT4 aren't a problem unless you feel overmedicated, in which case you should reduce dose. If you aren't feeling overmedicated there's no need to do so.

    It's possible the hair loss is due to pregnancy hormones settling. If so, it should resolve in a couple of months.

  • Thank you for your reply, it's eased my anxiety. I definitely don't feel over-medicated & thought hair loss was likely to be post pregnancy delight 😏 I was just concerned given I'm still breastfeeding (although just realised I've not said that above).

  • Sho28, Levothyroxine doesn't cross the milk barrier, so no need to worry about breastfeeding.

  • your dr probably needs to test your free t3 which if low can cause hair loss.....that is the active hormone t4 converts to and some people cant convert well....you can get your own free t3 tested by going to a online test sight, choose the test, pay for it and they email you the print out to take to local lab and lab emails you the results usually within 48 hours......

  • Hi Sho low iron can also cause hair loss, low iron is linked to Hypothyroidism. Blood test results should reveal Haemaglobin and ferritin levels.

    Take care

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