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Hot weather and excessive perspiration

I tend to run quite hot anyway but am becoming very self-conscious due to my constant sweating with associated damp clothes.

If I can I'll tend to wear 'technical' tops that wick otherwise I find myself sweating then shivering with the damp. Am changing clothes several times a day despite frequently sitting beside a fan.

Suspect that my progesterone cream is unable to work due to skin being too damp for it to absorb so sometimes I just don't bother with it. In addition, my weight seems to be creeping up together with a general bloated feeling.

Any ideas anyone?


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I realise this might be a bit treating-the-symptom but there are treatments for sweating such as injections. Worth asking your dr/doing some research on the options x


Mmmm, not sure I want to go down that road. Don't trust GPs with my health.

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I have had this for years - no matter what the temperature, i sweat profusely with huge patches under my arms. I am slim and have hashimoto's, coeliac and p anaemia.

Even when it is cool and i feel chilly, i sweat buckets.

It was even worse before i started ndt - i would wake up every night in a pool of sweat, like some one had thrown a bucket of water over me. When i started ndt, the night sweats went away, but i still have the "day" sweats.

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Wow, awful that you had the sweating before becoming hypo. Has this recent heatwave made any difference to you Bluedaffodil?

My concern is that the body is having to work extra hard by sweating to cool me down. Have you needed to change your thyroid medication in this hot weather?

I was doing so well, thought I'd cracked it but this heat has really affected me.


CG, I dropped my T4 by 25mcg early June as I was getting tingling electric pins and needles in my hands and arms in the heat. I don't sweat, although the nape of my neck got damp last week, but my skin gets hot and uncomfortable.


Hi, when i had the night sweats, the nhs had been mismanaging my health by keeping me undermedicated on t4. WHEn i switched to ndt, the night sweats stopped. Nhs also failed to diagnose coeliac, causing me 10 years of hell..Now that i am g free, i have been able to cut my ndt dose because my absorption is improving. I did all this myself, managing my own health despite the nhs


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