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Does any1 else feel like this cold and hot at same time

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Hi there I woz told I hav got a under active thyroid in April just gone and hav been taking 50mg a day but still having days when I feel really cold and hav 2 sit in front of the fire with loads of clothes on then sometimes I start sweating loads and hav 2 move away from fire but can still feel cold . Is it normal 2 feel cold and hot at the same time .

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It's certainly normal for me and sometimes my lower half is freezing cold while my upper half is hot and sweaty!

me too, feet and hands freezing but head sweating

Yes I get a really hot sweaty face but my feet are freezing. It happens quite a lot.

This sounds like me too. I came home from work and as per usual hit my cold wall! I sometimes even shiver, this is usually when I reach for my hot water bottle [my best friend]!!! I have an active job on my feet all day and I've come to the conclusion that this is the only way I can work because as soon as I sit down I flake out, I just feel done in. Anyway I have my hot water bottle wrapped round my waist but then I start to burn just in my face my cheeks are bright red and the sweating is unbearable it makes me feel really weird in the head, I just can't describe it. So I get rid of the hot water bottle and then I'm cold again it's infuriating.

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Hi thanks 4 your reply this sounds just like me am finding it really hard to cope with the way am feeling at the mo am cold all the time then hot and sweating at the same time when I feel this bad my head is a mess and am like a different person I can't concentrate or just get on with day 2 day things it would just b nice 2 feel normal

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It's so uncomfortable isn't it, I don't know about you but I feel like this everyday now. I have been through the menopause already, I'm 56. I don't know what the answer is. It can be very debilitating.

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Hi again yer am the same feel really cold everyday and finding it really hard getting though the day I hav been like this scince I had my third child in April 2008 I went 2 my Gp 2 weeks after my third child was born and told them how I was feeling and also that my mum had thyroid problems so they did a test to check my thyroid and my Gp just said my thyroid was fine and my cold problem should go in six months which it didn't then in April 2013 had the same test again and Gp told me I had a under active thyroid and put me on 50mg of levothyroxin they also put me on 50mg twice a day of cyanocobalamin which is for my b12 and then 5mg of frolic acid but my cold problem is still the same and I don't know what to do about it am 34 and hav three children and finding it hard to deal with all off this am really depressed and just want to be able to do just day 2 day things with my children instead of my head being in such a mess because I feel like a block of ice all the time I can wear loads of clothers sit in front of the fire with my duvet over me and still never get warm xx sorry this is so long xx

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oh i feel so sorry for you, especially with three children to look after,go back to the doctor and see if there is anything else you can do, sorry i am sort of new to all this but just want to send my good wishes to you to get well soon xx

Are you eating regularly? esp.Protein. Try eating more often, like cheese sticks or protein bars for snacks. I wonder if multivitamins would help too. I take them just to try to make up for whatever's missing and making me have weird symptoms that noone can figure out.

Me too. Feet freezing whilst top half (esp face) suffering from hot sweats, even during the night. I now carry a fan in my handbag but, unfortunately, my painful wrists will not allow me to use it. Must purchase a mechanical one.....................................

I'm having a similar problem. Don't know what is up. My body is normal or cold, my feet are cold. while my head and hands are hot. I end up getting my head wet so that I can sleep.

I don’t know if it’s normal but I am here because I googled it! Currently the top half of my body feels warm but my feet and my legs feel cold…

Might be to do with bad circulation, also have you heard of Raynaud’s phenomenon/ syndrome? Could be that?

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