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Periods in hot weather.

I have worked hard to get to my menopause and my periods have all but stopped. I have had about 5 in the past 3 years and I have one now. It is not fair that I should have to put up with this at the age of 50, especailly as i have realsied that I only now have periods during a spot of really hot weather. It upset my holiday in Turkey a couple of years ago and the past few periods in this country have been during a hot spell when I would really love to go for a swim.

I am wondering as my periods have always been irregular if there is a correlation with body temperature and periods in hypothyroid people. If low body temp stops periods and a raise in it triggers them.Is it just me or are there any others who have experiance this.

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Hi this is something I hadn't considered but I think you are right as I have similar issues

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Annoying isnt it. Why cant bodies be a bit more accommadating.

Ps do you also get overheated very quickly?

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Hard to tell I have gone through phases of extreme facial sweating.

Im still having this problem at 59!

52 and having a massive one. last one 7 months ago. much worse in this hot weather

Speak to your doctor but even if you are menopausal it's normal to have the occasional period. Use tampons then you can go swimming, or anything else active

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Yes thanks. tampons have become very uncomfortable as I have got older so not able to wera any more. Just having cool showers for now but would love to swim and it has happen too often over past few years to be coincidence.

'Who would want to be a woman' is someting I used to ask myself with monthlys as it was an awful time for me every month. However, I am not sure I would have worked hard to get to the menopause!

Have you had a blood test to confirm perimenopause(PM)/or menopause (M)?

I was in PM at 46 and had the symtpoms. Hot flushes were the worst for me. PM can last for several years and you can still have regular periods during this time.

Mine were always dreadful but during my PM they got heavier and heavier, full of clots, absolutely awful and I could not leave the house when I had one. I was referred to gynae for this (first time in life) and my womb lining was very thick at 6.5mm. I had an endometrial ablation.

I never had a peiod since that day and have been in full M since the age of 48, confirmed by blood tests and symtpoms.

So, in PM it is normal to have periods, they stop finally in full M. If they are abnormal (you would know this) or start again in full M you should get it checked out.

Unfortunately, if you are not in full M and the bleeding is still normal, it is all part of being a woman.

There are products that enable you to do anything, including swimming, when having a period. Using such products is personal choice but, in my humble opinion, if the choice is made not to use, one must accept that certain things will not be done whilst bleeding.

You are still youngish for full M but just remember it is pretty much inevitable that your periods will stop eventually :-)

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Hi I used to feel worse with hot weather, I had early menopause start at 40 all periods stopped by 43, still had flushes symptoms etc for a yr or so though.

It was young age to i only had one ovary so that may have something to do with it

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Starting it early is nasty eh?! Hope you feel better now :-)

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Yep not good, had bloating symptoms for yrs I used to feel if I had a period I would've felt better. Ahh well it was nearly 20yrs ago, I'm an oldie now and still moaning all aches n pains lol

Have you had your ferritin levels checked? I ask because i only recently discovered mine was very low and when I started taking iron it had a dramatic effect on my periods. I had suffered with unbelievably heavy periods since my 30s, very bad pmt, headaches, etc etc. I had a feeling I might be entering PM because from being bang on regular they had become slightly more erratic, but as soon as I started the ferrous sulphate (200mg x 3 a day) my periods became very light, the headaches went as did many other symptoms.

At the moment I'm still fairly regular but It must be so difficult if you don't know when they are going to happen, hope you find a solution.

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Yes thankyou raucaus, was low and toke ferritin for a couple of years but now a bit on high side of normal.

Wow! That always happened to me. Periods on holiday. My husband said I did it on purpose! ;)

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Lol typical man comment ;-)

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Said with a wry smile - Cos we women love having them, don't we!

I hate having them on hols, not just the blood loss, but I feel soo awful too. But other than doing last minute bookings, it's a job to co-ordinate!

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When I had them, years ago, and if one was going to affect a holiday, I got meds from the doctor to delay it, worked a treat :-)

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I heard that was possible but never asked. I was on the pill for years and it was fine - could do back to back if needed, though if I knew then what I know now I doubt I'd go near the pill☹

Now that I'm perimeno they're every 3 weeks. Think I'll just have to lump it now with Hashi as done with chemicals!

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The only good side, if there is one, is that they will stop in the end.

It is great to not have them but, in a very weird way, I miss it sometimes as it makes me realise I am now old lol

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Hehe! Yes, funny how you can miss something that niggles you😁

I think that about our weather😂

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Exactly! We especially love having them on holiday don't we ladies? It's so convenient and being on a plane for hours is NOOO problem - love it!!!!!

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