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Heavy sweating in this hot weather


Hello everyone.

I'm just wondering if I could be over medicating.

I'm currently up to 6 grains of ndt and haven't noticed anything else to point to over medicating apart from this hot weather is making me sweat quite a lot.

While at rest I'm generally hot and clamy but if I'm active it doesn't take a great deal to get me sweating quite heavily.

I've not had any bloods done since I started on ndt so for now I'm just trying to listen to my body.

I seem to remember sweating was a problem last summer but I'm not sure if I was this bad and then I was still on thyroxine.

Is it just something most of us have to put up with during the hot days of summer or is it just me?

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I switched form T4&T3 to NDT this week and have a big inner heat that is making sleep impossible in this warm weather, although only on 2 grains and not hyper in any shape or form and I don't have sweating.

Six grains sounds a lot to me if you were medicating 275mcg levo. Perhaps it is time to do that blood test ..

NDT is particularly intolerant of low iron. Are you optimal in ferritin, Vit B12, folate and Vit D ? ? .. all needed for good thyroid hormone synthesis.

What about elevated cortisol levels ? ? ..

DonnyJam in reply to radd

6 grains is a lot but I've read of people taking more.

I can't think off the top of my head but yeah I think I was taking 275 levo when I swapped to ndt. I think I probably had absorption problems so I take ndt sublingual.

Iron could be low I suppose and I don't know about cortisol levels.

I take multi vits, 2000mg vit c, 1000mg b12, b12 complex. Calcium, magnesium, potassium and cod liver oil daily.

Iirc taking vit c helps keep cortisol in check?

I've got some iron pills in my cupboard if you think I should trial taking some?

Would there be any other signs of low iron?

I'll have to have a look at my blue horizon bloods results but I think some of those you mentioned were tested and ok

radd in reply to DonnyJam


More is not always better. Absorption problems should be addressed as adding more thyroid hormone may not help absorption issues and can impair further thyroid hormone replacement.

Have you looked into low stomach acid ? ? ..

I read that Erfa and Acela can be done well sublingually, as can Thyroid (or you can chew it up ! ! . ) .

Your sups are good & I love Vit C and think it helps everything ! ... but what about folate and Vit D ? ? .... Low signs of iron are usually breathlessness and fatigue but you will need to test before supplementing.


Stomach acid





DonnyJam in reply to radd

the NDT I'm taking is greater pharma thyroid.

I switched to NDT because of the absoption issues, 275 is a ridiculous amount imo, the doctors and endo's should have tried something else but they weren't interested in letting add T3 so I decided to go it alone.

I did look into low stomach acid because in the early days of of levo and before being diagnosed I had stomach issues but now I don't seem to have any problems with my stomach.

I used to take vit d3 every day but I ran out a while ago and just never got round to getting some more

Folate on my last blue horizon thyroid test was good I think and so was iron


Serum Folate 12.36 10.4 - 42.4 nmol/L

Ferritin 207.0 30 - 400 ug/L

The iron could have changed over time, you mentioned that shortness of breath is a symptom and sometimes I am short of breath even though I'm actually pretty fit because I do cardio on a daily basis

I think Radd might be right - and actually, I think from what you say you have an inkling too. You were on 4 grains 2 months ago and now you're on 6. That's a big jump considering it can take 4-6 weeks for the levo in the NDT to build up in your system, so there is a good chance you've overshot your "sweet spot". Not recommending that you abruptly drop the dose - but it would be good to test now.

DonnyJam in reply to Jazzw

You're right I do have an inklin that I may be over medicated but the fact that makes me doubt it is that when I'm some place cool I have no signs whatsoever that I'm over medicated, I actually feel quite well, alert and full of energy and my short term memory is better than it's been for years.

The way I increased dosages of NDT is because I thought it was ok to up the dose of NDT every 2 to 3 weeks and didn't think you had to wait as long as levo because all the hormones are readily available in NDT, no conversion needed.

I'd love to get another BH test done ASAP but at the moment finances wont allow it so I'm just waiting for a routine one to come through the post from the thyroid register which I think is due any time.

After a TSH test I know the endo will want to investigate why my TSH is suppressed so then I will probably get a test to check my free's without having to battle for it.

Or could it just be the exceptional weather?!

DonnyJam in reply to rustyspokes

That's why I was asking rustyspokes. To see if other hypos are experiencing the same?

I'm on 125mcg Levothyroxine and I am sweating excessively too and not just in this heat but obviously it's worse in it. My mum feels the cold terribly and has even been wearing a jacket in this heat but I'm just so hot even just sitting down, it's mad so I can totally sympathise

DonnyJam in reply to birthday1


I think there's still lots that's not understood about thyroid conditions and our messed up internal thermostats are one of the things that isn't understood.

Before I was diagnosed I was really intolerant to cold but now I don't really seem to feel the cold as much as everyone else around me but it's like I'm now completely at the other end of the spectrum, intolerant to heat instead

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