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Can excessive sweating be to do with thyroid/pituitary as well as menopause?

I'm so sick of having to change my clothes due to excessive sweating when I'm COLD!!! Please don't mention hot sweats because I never feel hot! I had to change clothes 9 times a couple of days recently. I put up a post about it but not much response. I have Fibro, no diagnosis of thyroid problems though low TSH and low but within range T3 and T4.

The sweating may also be side-effects of Anti-Depressants. Just been changed to a different one which supposed to help but it hasn't. I can't take HRT due to blood pressure problems in the past

Please advise. Sweats seriously affecting my life, worse than the fatigue or anything else.

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How low is your TSH and what are your FT4 and FT3 levels and ranges? Hyperthyroidism commonly causes sweating but some hypothyroid members also report sweating excessively.

Some pituitary adenomas may cause excessive sweating but not usually in isolation.

Hyperhidrosis doesn't always have an obvious cause according to NHS Choices

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Thanks Clutter.

Yes, I've tried to look into hyperhidrosis. There us also a lot about anti-depressants causing these side effects too :(

These are my TSH, T3 and T4 results for the last 3 years...I've just had another blood test but only the free ones (i.e. TSH) because my surgery now ask for a £50 admin fee fro private blood tests :(

Thyroid TSH

May 2016 = 0.65 ( 0.35 – 4.50)

Feb 2015 = 0.87

March 2014 = 0.74


May 2016 = 4 (range 3.9 – 6.8)

May 2015 = 4.1

June 2014 = 3.8


May 2016 = 14.4 (11 – 24)

May 2015 = 15.1

June 2014 = 12.3



Results are euthyroid, definitely not hyperthyroid, so I doubt thyroid is responsible.


No, they are more hypothyroid...but haven't heard of euthyroid. What is that?



Euthyroid = normal. Your results aren't hypothyroid because they are all within range. Nevertheless FT3 is bottom of range and it is low T3 which causes hypothyroid symptoms.


Yes this is why I'm at the end of the road. Bloods all within normal range ergo nothing to be done as far as GPs are concerned :(


Your FT3 is right at the bottom of the range so you must be feeling awful.

I would suggest that you might ask your GP about a referral to an endocrinologist.

Your TSH is low in range and so is your FT3. This is very suggestive of central hypothyroidism so should be investigated. My own figures looked very similar to yours before I was diagnosed.

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Thanks lots joesmum. I have asked to be referred but they won't refer me :( They have spoken to an endocrinologist but that was about my Cortisol which has since come down. How do you insist on seeing an endocrinologist? I spoke to an endocrine nurse on the phone (there is one you can took to on certain days of the week) and she suggested I ask for an appointment on account of my symptoms rather than just the measurements although she did say that those levels may be normal for me.


Sorry to read about your sweats :-) Of course the Thyroid is our thermostat so it could be one of the root causes ......

I am sure you are aware that Anti-depressants can skew your thyroid results and not present a clear picture.

Years before Thyroid testing came into being in the early 70's - T3 - the Active Thyroid hormone was used to treat depression - there are more receptors for T3 in the brain than in any other part of the body .

Blood pressure issues are also a symptom of something else going on in the body and again it could be the thyroid. Either high or low pressure can be thyroid related. Magnesium ?

Low TSH - FT4 and FT3 could possibly suggest Central Hypothyroidism rather than Primary- but I expect you have considered this .....

Hope you find some pieces to the jig-saw .....

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Thanks Marz. Yes, I've tried to investigate hyperpituitarism but sort of came to the end of the road with that one. My Cortisol was high but last time it was in the normal range so the GP was pleased with that!!

Strangely, I don't feel depressed, the antidepressants are for anxiety and they certainly help with that...


I have often read that the 24 Hour Saliva Testing for Cortisol/DHEA is more accurate than the one off blood test. Can be done at home through Genova Diagnostics through Thyroid UK. I guess the GP meant in range rather than * normal * ......

Seeing your results above the FT4 and FT3 look very low indeed. The LOW T3 could be part of why you received the Fibro diagnosis and of course the anxiety. If you type Fibromyalgia - Dr Lowe - into the Search Box at the top - there will be lots of interesting articles - mostly posted by shaws - from Admin.

How are your levels of Ferritin - Folate - VitD ?


Hi Marz

Yes, the GP was going to do one test for the dexsuppressant one (?) but as my last Cortisol was within range he and the endo he spoke to didn't think it necessary.

Yes, I have read some of the Dr Lowe articles from here :)

These are my Ferritin and Vit D levels:

Vit D

Mar 2014 = 43.1

Feb 2015 = 50.5

May 2016 = Wouldn’t do it (would have cost £35 + £50 admin fee)!!! They said it was cheaper to supplement so I am in the dark as to what these levels are.


Mar 2014 = 10 (13 – 150) – supplemented at that time

Feb 2015 = 49

May 2016 = 60


Aug 2014 = 315 (180 – 2000)

Feb 2015 = 329

May 2016 = 348


Your Ferritin is on the floor and should be around 70/80 - so am wondering if you are supplementing. Low Iron = Low oxygen = fatigue - no wonder you are feeling tired. Are you treating the low iron ?

B12 needs to be much higher and will help with pain when optimal as B12 is involved in protecting the myelin sheath that surrounds nerves and many other important things in the body. Needs to be at the TOP of the range. There have been articles of late about low B12 and Fibro.

VitD is also only halfway through the range so also needs to be supplemented. A dose of at least 4000 IU's would be good. VitD is anti-inflammatory ....

All the above need to be optimal for the T4 your thyroid produces to convert into the ACTIVE thyroid hormone T3 - needed in every cell of your body.

Could you look into the effect your AD has on Thyroid Meds - I know you are not taking any - but it would indicate if it effects the amount your body is producing .... Do they suppress the TSH ?


Thanks Marz. My Ferritin was 60 last time (earlier 2016), it was only 10 in 2014 so has risen. They stopped giving me supplements once it reached 60. I've just had a blood test and waiting for the results but don't know whether they routinely take ferritin? I would hope so.

I've no idea what my Vit D is now as they charge for it now. In summer I got it through sunshine (the best source) but still felt fatigued.

I've never thought about whether ADs suppress TSH before...I will try and look into that one - thanks.

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Have had a look around and there are so many sites discussing the connection with Low thyroid and depression. Hypothyroidmom is a good website along with others of course.

As we age it seems that we do not synthesize VitD in the skin so well. Hubby and I have been in Crete since 2004 and after a few years of being here we both tested insufficient :-(

My mistake about the Ferritin. Keep an eye though as I have often read on the forum the levels can drop quickly once you stop supplementing ....


Thanks Marz. Yes I did wonder about the lack of synthesis of Vit D because a few years ago the sun used to make a lot of difference but now nothing noticeable. Do you get your Vit D test free on the NHS by the way? I can't get them done for free any more. they want £35 + £50 admin fee which I think is a scandal (they say it's cheaper to supplement). I really don't know how they justify £50 admin fee.

I'm not depressed...I took ADs for anxiety initially and they help a lot with that.


You can have home test for VitD through City Assays in Birmingham for far less. I live in Crete so pay for mine.

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Thanks. I will Google them! But how do you get a blood sample? Do you have to go to your own surgery and then send it off privately?

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I believe it is a Finger prick Test - am sure the information will be on their website :-)

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Thanks yes, I thought it would be! Apparently they can be worse than in the arm, eek :O

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