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Growth Hormone Deficiency?

A member on here who's been a great help has suggested I get checked for human growth hormone deficiency as I have a lot of the symptoms. My Cortisol is also high and so is prolactin. I've had my results back of my Pituitary MRI and all seems fine there. So was wondering if anyone has been diagnosed with growth hormone deficiency and how it's effected them?

My thyroid levels have suggested secondary hypothyroidism, with a low/normal Free T4 and low/normal TSH, something isn't right but I'm having trouble getting down to the bottom of it all, am sure it must be hormonal or something along those lines as what else can it be?

I'm a 33 year old male and been unwell most of my life. I have a basal body temp of 35.4oC on waking. Also suffer from Psorasis as well and a blocked left nostril.

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I've just been diagnosed with severe GH deficiency so am just waiting for treatment to start - the home nursing team are delivering the goods today :-) I was diagnosed with underactive thyroid 6 years ago & regardless of changes to meds, taking supplements, seeing Dr P etc etc I've just never felt well. My consultant said in May 2012 that my GH level was low so since then have had a pituitary scan and 2 full day blood tests, glucagon and arginine suppression.

The main symptoms are extremely emotional, I've been in tears for a full week, sleeping but never having any energy, headaches, a constant sniffle, terrible memory & concentration and a very flat mood never feeling happy. I also get a lot of joint pain, mainly back, so am waiting to see if the treatment helps. I've always been confident and outgoing but recently have struggled being around other people, I'm happier to shut myself away from the world, that side of it's wierd. I also have psoriasis but don't know if that has anything to do with it.

There's a lot of useful info on the Pituitary Foundation website and an email contact system which is replied to quickly.

I laughed when my consultant raised this as I honestly thought it mattered for children growing but we all need GH throughout our lives. The hospital I'm now under did say that my GH will have failed up to 10 years ago and definitely before my thyroid, that it's often due to a blood transfusion or head injury but can also just happen.

The worst bit for me is the constant tiredness. When I was at work I'd get up, get ready, go for the bus and that was my energy finished so just felt that I was dragging myself through every day.

Good luck & if you need any more info let me know :-)


Hi, thanks ever so much for replying. Sounds like I have quite a few of the symptoms you're are experiencing. Did your pituitary MRI show anything up? Will definitely get my GH looked into.

Did you have a head injury to cause your low GH?

Please let me know how you get on with the medication. Hope you feel better soon.



I should have also mentioned extreme muscle weakness & lacking any energy. I've now been told by hospital staff that GH builds up naturally while we sleep so that's why we feel refreshed on waking. Mine doesn't so that's why I've never any energy.

The MRI scan showed that I've thankfully got no tumours but my pituitary gland is only half the size expected in an adult, it's only pea sized normally. I've no idea what's caused this, the only blood tranfusion I've ever had was 26 years ago & no head injuries but the nurse yesterday said it's one of those things which can just happen and also that as people are becoming more aware of the condition, more are being tested for it.

The needles & kit I got yesterday are going to be fine to use but the nurse said to expect some bad headaches, wrist and ankle pain initially and not to expect any improvement for between 3 to 9 months as it takes time to get going in your system.

I've had to complete a Quality of Life (QoL) questionaire to start treatment & will do another at the 9 month stage, there's one on the Pituitary Foundation website if you want to look at that, which covers the symptoms.

The main thing is I've had this lack of energy for years and blamed it on thyroid. The weakness, being emotional etc have taken much longer to become the problems they are now, presumably as my natural GH has reduced so if this is your problem you might not get an immediate diagnosis. The full day blood tests are to show how your system reacts to whatever they inject you with. The endocrine sister at clinic showed me my last results which started at zero & increased to 0.8 at the end when a 'normal' result would have been well over 4.0. There was also a problem with getting a canula into a vein & this stresses your system to produce cortisol so 'normal' results would have been far higher. I've been picking the brains of everyone medical because I just didn't know anything about it !!

Good luck with getting sorted out, it's taken me a long time to get a diagnosis and believe me I've had a c**p GP to deal with :-( but let me know if you need any more info,

Take care :-)


Many thanks, Sorry for the delay in replying, that's very interesting as I feel absolutely dreadful on waking. Have you started the treatment now?


At last you've got it nailed Halifax, knowing the nature of the beast is a start... :D

(my Dad had acromegaly- my ENT consultant said the pituitary has nothing to do with thyroid, I think it was at this point I lost faith in doctors.... no I lie, I was a bit suspect at 19 when my GP couldn't tell I had mumps, until the retired GP waked past me & muttered in the corridor...)

are you having piggy hormone or synthetic now, every 2 weeks? J (((hugs))) :D


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