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Please Help! Thyroid and Growth Hormone!


Hey guys

I have been on this site to seek guidance for what my doctor though was a mild thyroid problem. However I believe my problem is another hormone imbalance because no thyroid meds ever worked for me (tried them all)

I noticed that for the past 2 yrs my growth hormone (GH) levels are always showing as 0.3 ng/mL. I have read that GH levels rise and fall sporadically throughout the day, so this value alone can't be used as a diagnosis. Therefore my doctor checks my IGF-1 levels too and my IGF-1 level is always 200 ng/mL.

My question is this: Is my GH level too low?

Could this be the reason for severe fatigue, concentrated belly fat, chronic insomnia, low mood, slow digestion, and metabolism? I have read that for men a normal range is <5 and for women <10. The fact that my GH level is always 0.3 no matter when they take blood is concerning. No doctor has taken this seriously. But at this point my life is falling apart and I have become severely depressed.

Does anyone know if my GH values are normal? Should they be higher? Does anyone else seek treatment for GH deficiency. I am 34 years old. Any help at all would be fine.


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Hypothyroidism and low GH often go together, because you need decent levels of T3 to make GH.

Do you have your thyroid test results - the actual numbers, results and ranges - not just what your doctor thought. Because very often what doctors think is a 'mild' thyroid problem, often isn't 'mild' at all.

Nicole1027 in reply to greygoose

Tsh 1.15 mIU/L range 0.4-4.5

T4 1.2 ng/dL range 0.8-1.8

T3 2.3 pg/dL range 2.3-4.2

As you can see my t3 is low. When my dr checked again it was 2.7 which is still low. I am debating on just taking t3 alone because i have horrible side effects with all forms of t4. But i figure if there is something wrong with my growth hormone then I need take a medication for that. Not to sure and dr isnt helpful

greygoose in reply to Nicole1027

Growth hormone isn't easy. There is not 'medication' as such. You would need growth hormone injections every day - outrageously expensive, and not something you can self-treat with because you can't get hold of the growth hormone like you can thyroid hormone. I don't expect your doctor does know anything about it. Seems to me it would be easier to try and raise your GH by raising your FT3 - which is dire. Getting GH injections will only solve one problem. Raising your FT3 will solve two.

Yes, it's quite possible that you have problems with T4, so try T3 only. Why not? :)

greygoose in reply to greygoose

I see others are suggesting a pituitary problem - a possibility but not necessarily the case. You would need to see and endo to check that out, as they say. But, has your TSH ever been any higher than 1.15?

Nicole1027 in reply to greygoose

Oddly enough me tsh has never been higher than 1.5 but my t4 and t3 have been bottom end of range on most blood draws for last 2 yrs

greygoose in reply to Nicole1027

OK, so it probably is a pituitary problem. You need to tell your doctor that you have reason to believe that you have Central Hypothyroidism, where the problem lies with the pituitary (Secondary Hypo) or the hypothalamus (Tertiary Hypo) rather than the thyroid itself (Primary Hypo). GPs only know about Primary Hypo, so need the problem waved under their noses.

Only an endo can do all the necessary tests and scans for Central Hypo, to you need to insist on a referral. But, first, read up on it so that you know what you're talking about, and can convince him.

Nicole1027 in reply to greygoose

Yes I never thought of that! I will definately read up on this so that I may be armed for my appt in July. I will let you know how this plays out! Thank you!

greygoose in reply to Nicole1027

You're welcome. :) Good luck!

Ray Peat has so much information on hormones. Maybe this article will help you.

Nicole1027 in reply to Heloise

Thank you! I will check this out

Km27 in reply to Nicole1027


I have hypopituitarism and inject growth hormone daily and as a consequence have secondary hypothyroidism. I this was all discovered because my cholesterol was very high and was sent to a lipid clinic, the consultant noticed my hormones where all over the place. It was thought that I had a pituitary tumour but had a brain scan that ruled that out. I then had an insulin stress test that showed low to non existent growth hormone amongst other things. Maybe you should speak to your doctor and ask him to refer you?

Hope you get it all sorted it is a slow process and to be honest I still have no energy but i am in good hands under kings college and they are great so good luck!

Did you have an adverse reaction to insulin stress test? I ask because I know very few people who have had one, and the test brought on all my symptoms in spades but apparently came back normal.


No I was fine with it, a little weird for a couple of days after but apart from that all good. Mine came back with several results that have since made a lot of sense and have been addressed but still no energy unfortunately!

Oh well, just me then. Fine during test, but afterwards I got dizzy, fell down, couldn't get up, severe head, back and stomach pain with vomiting. I just lay in the road outside the hospital gate for ages until a passer-by decided I wasn't drunk and got me a taxi. I blame the flat lucozade at the end.

Definitely push for a referral. Unfortunately it’s a battle when you have pituitary issues. Many Endos don’t seem to have a clue on what to do. Keep pushing until you find out whether you do have a pituitary problem or not. Sadly most GPs will over look how you’re feeling etc. But you need to know exactly what is occurring so that you can start receiving some proper treatment. Also a faulty / failing pituitary will often continue to cause further issues as time goes on, so getting some kind of diagnosis is absolutely invaluable for your long term health and well being. It’s an ongoing battle I’m afraid, but it will be worthwhile pursuing this. Good Luck I hope that you’re able to find a good Endo soon to help.

Nicole1027 in reply to SoniaD

Thanks for your support. I am waiting to see a pituitary specialist in july. Its been a longtime coming though. All the endos ive seen i realize many only deal with diabetes only. If u have other endicrine issues you must look for a special specialist so to speak. Im so nervous i just hope they take me seriousy unlike my past drs. Im taking a list of questions to prepare.

marigold22 in reply to SoniaD

SoniaD Do you have pituitary issues? After a long and arduous battle, at one stage I wondered if I had pituitary issues. All the endo ordered was a full scan of my pituitary. The result was that it was there! I'm now on only T3 so perhaps it is that which has calmed down all my symptoms, but I still do think I have more than Hashimotos. I'm 4ft 11", both my parents and all grandparents were horrendously short in stature, so no doubt 'genetic'. But only me who has been mega ill with endocrine illness.

Hi Marigold.

How have you been doing with the T3 only therapy? I cant take T4 at all of any kind. 1 hour after I take T4 I gain 5-6 lbs aroud tummy that last for about 6hrs. I look pregnant. So now I plan on doing just the T3 but not sure what to expect. I dont have a bad reaction to T3 at all.

What dosage of T3 are you taking and how many times of day do you take it? Is there are certain brand I should take for the best results? How long does it take to feel better? Sorry foralI the questions but im just trying to make do until my appt in July. Current dr is useless.

My personal view is that you should try to get your T3 and FT3 up nearer the top of the range. I've had all of your symptoms but it turned out unbeknowned to me, that my T3 was low. Along the way during decades I was sure I had other hormone problems, but now that I'm on 40mcg of T3 only per day, along with vitamin and mineral supplements, I'm fine.

Over the years I've taken T3 med from Turkey, Mexico & Greece and wasn't aware of any bad reactions. However, it's only the last 6 months or so that I've felt this good and stabilised.

Are you intending to buy your T3? I'm fortunate that I get NHS prescription but had to fight very hard for it. L.o.n.g Story !!!

I personally was not well on 40mcg of T3 without the added vitamins & minerals - they are vital to go hand in hand. For example, I take 50mcg of selenium with my T3 tablet.

I must mention to you also, that for me all the eight B vitamins have been vital for me; they are implicated in neurological health (mood, depression, anxiety etc),

I haven't looked at your profile or any previous posts so don't know your story this far. I would definitely advise you to keep asking questions on here, to read as much as you can, and change to T3 only. Everyone's journey is different but like you, I seriously considered that I had hormonal problems; but in fact that issue has disappeared now that I'm on a decent daily dose of T3.

That is awesome! Your situation is very enlightening to me. I do plan on buying my T3 online. My doctor only gives me a prescription for 5mcg T3 per day along with the T4 (which I dont take). 5mcg is not enough to address my symtoms so i will just buy online. Im glad I asked you about the dosage to have some idea of where to begin. Me taking ust the 5mcg in the morning.. I was not able to notice a difference.

You are right, I will incorporate the vitamins too. Do you take your T3 all at once or spread througout the day? Did they ever diagnose you with a pituitary issue at all?


In the uk there are such hospitals that are known as pituaritarycenters of excellence it might be worth getting you GP to reffer you to one. The pituaritary foundation can advise of the one nearest to you, they also have an excellent nurse helpline

Nicole1027 in reply to Hidden

Yes i am waiting for my appt in july. But i will definately research the pituitary foundation for future reference. I had to fight tooth and nail to get the appt i have now! Im in the US and the pituitary centers are not heavily discussed for some reason. Its like i referred myself almost!

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