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Participants Needed for Growth Hormone Research Questionnaire Testing

Hi everyone, Thyroid UK has been asked to find participants for this study:

Do you have or know someone who has had Growth Hormone Injections?

Darren Clayson, a psychologist and a freelance interviewer who works on behalf of a medical translation company, is looking for people who have had growth hormone injections in the past 2 years to take part in a 60-minute face-to-face interview to check that a new questionnaire assessing symptoms and quality of life for people requiring growth hormone injections is easy to understand.

All participants must be 18, from the UK and native English speakers. All participants will be paid £75 for their time.

You do not need to talk about your own medical history or give any clinical information about yourself.

If you do not want to be contacted again you will receive no further correspondence. All details are held securely.

If you are interested, please email Stephanie Clayson on with your telephone number and name so they may call you to arrange the interview.

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Im waiting to see someone for pituitary problems bit not habing injections yet


My son was on Human Growth Hormone from 1978 until 1985, then he missed a year because of the Creudzfeldt Jakob Disease problem and was then on synthetic Growth Hormone until he reached his full height at age 19. I could give this information if anyone is interested. He is still on the solicitor's list if anything does go wrong, but as he has special needs, it was not felt that he was one of the walking worried, so did not qualify for any payment. It was us that did all the worrying!

It would be good to have some feedback on their results.


I don't think he would fit the criteria, unfortunately. However, I will be putting the report on here when they are finished. It's about the actual questionnaires they use though.

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Just thought it was a bit of useful information for people on this site lynmynott.



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