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Levothyroxine heighten growth hormone enough to pass a pituitary stimulation tests?

Hello all,

I've got growth hormone deficiency(diagnosed as a teenager), I stopped my meds when I was 20.

I'm now 32, have never been checked since and after suffering for a long time with various symptoms.

The reason for this post is mostly at my distrust of the system, there seems to be some behind the scenes politics when it comes to this subject.

Before they eventually agreed to test me again, ( despite actually having the condition), they put me on levothyroxine for 4 months before me having the test.

My thyroid was fine- they confirmed that, however said a low dose 50mg would make me feel better.

My question os would this temporarily highten my growth hormone results in a glucagon test so I scrape through their nice guidelines, so they don't have to treat me?

I feel really let down!

Thank you in advance for any help received.

Best regards


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It's well known that giving thyroxine to pre pubertal children with HGH deficiency does promote faster growth. Also in adults giving thyroxine helps with the effects of HGH given as a medicine. So rather than thinking that the doctors will stop giving HGH where needed, think of T4 as a help to giving you a better response from the HGH you are either producing yourself or are being given.


Hi Pauloss

I also had GH deficiency as a kid, was placed on Levo at 20- now 36. Can I ask which symptoms you have as I haven't felt well in years but can't seem to get an answer


I don't think it's the levo itself. The pituitary needs good levels of T3 to be able to produce HGH - which is why hypos often have low levels of HGH. So, provided you can convert the T4 to T3, it should help. But, I would think, you would need to be on the levo long-term, rather than just for 4 months and then stop.

You say your thyroid was 'fine'. But, do you have the actual numbers?


Thank you for the replies people.

That's my point Diojenes, I don't want heightened gh levels so I 'scrape through' above the minimum advised requirement, I want to have enough in my body.

As I said I've been diagnosed, but to just get the test was tough.

I understand why everything else really needs to be in order, often people need to look at their own lifestyle perhaps rather than putting a unnecessary strain on the NHS- but I've actually been treated and never once been retreated.

After multiple visits to gp's over the years I've never been told adult Gh even existed-and I've practically all the symptoms.. genuinely.

I don't have the numbers but when my bloods come back they were fine.. they tested the thyroid first. I have a copy at my house of the results. I got a phone call from a doctor notifying me everything was fine.

I had to book another app to say that is there anything else it could be.

I know my 9am igf1 was 17 ( 15-35)

Which is low right? Just within range?

They then put me on it as a trial and told me to stay on if I felt slightly better...

Their reluctance to let even check my levels ( I don't want to abuse anything, I just want to be on a level playing field) despite me actually being growth hormone deficient will of course raise scepticism. Especially with the cost.

And I can understand a point of view that says here's a guy that hasn't been treated in 14 years now coming in requesting a test.... he's been alright so far.

But it explains a lot, it does. They have no idea what my twenties have been like.. but where I'm from you don't go to a doctor to complain that you really are of the mindset that sometimes you really aren't bothered what happens to you, brutal low moods.. constant lack of energy.

Whilst I genuinely believe that a doctor wouldn't let you die... when it's something like this... when you can't see it and I'm not a member of their family.. as if ( even if it would result in my quality of life improving amazingly) they'd prescribe hgh when that could be spent elsewhere? Treating children or people in a lot worse state than me.... I don't buy it.

They literally told me even if it's under and it's confirmed, (again), that I didn't fit the 'profile'.

Hence why I'm sceptical of the whole process.

We'all see what happens but I really appreciate your response people... you don't have to spend your time writing them so thank you!


By the way.. the above isn't to suggest I don't have respect to what our doctors do... my journey hasn't been the best that's all.

I still believe and hope that I just get to the bottom of whatever this issue is.

It's just the reluctance with everything... the stalling.

Constantly saying I'm just 'stressed'.

Constantly trying to get me to go private.

I don't want to sound too critical that's all.... they saved my life as I know it as a teenager which I hope to repay by lessening the strain and contributing myself one day by, say going private.

But as it stands, I just need to get myself back to 100% whatever it is, and my career will flourish so I can help the NHS, and not be that burden.


I just got my growth hormone results today guys

I said I'd post them

Less than .01 ( otherwise known as undetectable)

Still not convinced I'll get any help... finally being referred to a specialist.

So who In the earth was inseeing at my local hospital?

The lady that refused to even test my blood initially let alone anything else.

The lady that kept telling me I was stressed.

The lady that told me that I don't fit the 'profile' for any treatment anyway

The lady that knew I had growth hormone deficiency ... yet still was unremarkably un-empathetic to my cause and repeatedly tried to fob me off.

As did the previous GP's

Incredibly nervous that my next appointment will be much more of the same

Awful experience and the snottiest stuck up set of people I've had to endure in my life......

Whatever happens to me, I just don't want to feel like this now


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