Random growth hormone levels ??

Hi all, can anybody give any details as to whether a random growth hormone blood test of 1.5ug/l would be expected mid afternoon ? I don't have a range and I'm having difficulty finding one. Has anybody had a growth hormone test and would be willing to share results ? I'm trying to gain more knowledge around the tests I have had done before my follow up appointment with the endo on Tuesday.

Many thanks in advance

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  • Hi,

    I've just been diagnosed with a severe growth hormone deficiency and the Arginine test result shows a peak of less than 0.9. When I saw the test results my GH level started at zero and increased slightly to 0.2, 0.4 but talk to your endo about it because it was discovered by chance by mine.

    At my last hospital appointment to discuss treatment I was told that GH would have failed before my thyroid and up to 10 years ago. The diagnosis has taken well over 2 years and I've had the Argine and Glucagon full day blood tests done plus a pituitary scan.

    There's some really good information on the Pituitary Foundation website and there's an email link to ask specific questions which has been really helpful.

    I'm now waiting for a community nurse appointment to start treatment which will be daily injections on a 9 month trial so am really hoping that it works.

    Good luck,

    Cath :-)

  • Hi,

    I have recently had a MRI and a growth hormone test, but unfortunately the hospital haven't provided ranges :(.

    Do you mind me asking were your results for ug/l and if so is a final reading of 0.14 low?



  • Hi,

    A recent blood test result shows my IGF-1 level as 17.3 nmol/L, the letter also states that the range is 10.1 to 28.4 so with this treatment I've now got some in my system but other than not being in tears all day there really hasn't been any other changes.

    I think the main thing I noticed was that on waking I never felt refreshed and had no reserves of energy to start the day because the growth hormone builds up overnight. I also feel as weak as a baby & have no strength to carry anything.

    Hope this helps & good luck,

    Cath x

  • Hiya Cath,

    Thanks for the prompt response. I am having a little trouble obtaining reference ranges for my result of 0.14 and noticed that in your original post you mentioned your results were 0.2 and 0.4.

    So I was wondering what measurements they were in and their reference ranges?

    This is a complicated illness and sometimes you feel like it's such a battle to get simple information from the Endo and GP :(



  • Hi Lisa,

    You wouldn't believe how long it's taken me to get this far, I had to have a stand up with my GP to get an endo referral !!

    The 0.2 & 0.4 results were from my Glucagon test, I was told at hospital that even the highest at 0.9 was very low to be within what they'd class as 'normal'. I'm no expert with any of this, in your shoes I'd be very tempted to contact the Pituitary Foundation as they've extremely helpful & should be able to answer some of this for you.

    All the best & really hope you get sorted out,

    Cath x

  • Hiya Cath,

    Totally agree the Pituitary Foundation have been a bid send that's the reason I have been able to push my GP.

    For 10 years I have had issues and because my a TSH and FT4 have always been v low they missed my Underactive Thyroid.

    Today I discovered my result was 0.14 ug/l for the standard GH test with a range of (0-8)!!!! So after advice I am crack at Drs to ask for a IGF-1 to establish exactly what us happening.

    It's the exhaustion and lack of strength that is a killer I feel like 105 lol.

    Hope you are still doing well with your treatment :)



  • Hi Lisa,

    That sounds so like me unfortunatley for you :-( My arms feel like useless lumps of wood, I've no strength in them & can't even carry a 4 pint carton of milk. The waking up with no energy when you've a full day at work ahead is a killer, I used to get to the bus stop in a morning & just want to go home as I'd had enough. I really fell over in June, cried solidly for 3 weeks & have been off since.

    The only change so far with treatment has been that I'm less weepy, still shattered & no muscle strength. The hospital has said that changes are very individual and the treatment trial will be for 9 months so about half way through that now.

    The hospital also said that my GH will have failed up to 10 years ago & definiteley before my thyroid so it's no wonder that T3 & T4 have made no difference to the way I've felt. I'm just so glad I pushed my GP for a consultant referral because I dread to think what would have happened.

    Good luck & let me know how you go on,

    Cath x

  • Wow such a shame we have to go through all of this before receiving the correct treatment.

    After an indepth and sympathetic discussion the GP has agreed to a 2nd growth hormone test alongside a IGF-1 given my low result from last year when I was on T3 and T4 treatment.

    I wonder what it will be now that I am only on half the dose and T4 only :(.

    I will keep you posted and hope everything continues to go well with your GH treatment :)



  • Wouldn't life be straightforward if we didn't need hormones !!

    All the best with your test xx

  • put in Subject access request from G.P and endocrine dpt

  • hi the idiot endo i saw did that test and several others, i asked for the results she sent them without the ranges. I called the hospital and told them that I want the ranges and that they are useless with out any way they have sent them again that one and a few others don't have ranges mine is 0.20ug/L i don't know why I'm allowed to see some not others, it's bloody annoying

  • put in a subject access request for "All Information" and you will get lab investigations as well as what the two faced bar stewards say behind you're back

  • However you do NOT get things like MRI scans. You would only get what your GP is told by the person interpreting them. To get actual scans requires a specific request and additional charges.

  • wulliepatrc619, You sound somewhat bitter. Do you have a thyroid condition you would like to discuss? Or are you just here to disparage the medical profession?

  • So it's looking like mine was actually not bad. I'll ask the endo on Tuesday, I cannot find ranges anywhere on the net. Thank you both for your replies.

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