Anyone tried homoeopathic medicine

I thought I might have found a good thyroid Doctor in Bristol. He does not diagnose using TSH and will prescribe natural thyroid. I went to see him. He was very elderly which is hopeful but he prescribed me rosemary baths and two homoeopathic medicines. Is there any hope here?. He has said that he will prescribe me armour when I run out but he thought it an expensive option. I suppose I shall try his remedy's and see

what happens. O he said I had to get a loafa and scrub myself. I think he mistoke my lovely suntan for ground in dirt. I'll report to you all after a month.

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Lol, Don't hold your breath. And don't scrub off the tan.

Personally I'd forget the homeopathic stuff + just skip straight to the armour prescription.

Sounds v.comical !!

Do you have NDT in your possession? Does this guy actually have a license to practice?

Keep stum he might loose it!

I found rosemary oil in the bath very useful when my adrenals were really bad and before I was on biohrt, so there may be some value in that. Helped me relax and sleep and also made my brain fog a bit better. Not sure about the loofah thing, but I read somewhere that skin stimulation and getting rid of dead cells was a good thing (is it definitely a tan and not low cortisol?).

I really don't know if it any of it will work, but if he will prescribe NDT ...?

Does low cortisol make the skin darker?

Full blown Addison's does, so I would expect any cortisol insufficiency could do.

People who have faith in homeopathy and food/herb-based medicines have tried to convince me that these things can cure a malfunctioning thyroid. I don't see how it is possible to sort out a thyroid that needs thyroid hormone without thyroid hormone. But that's just me.

You have Armour? You're taking Armour? Did he tell you to stop taking Armour? I'd carry on with both regimens and see if his helps. But don't stop taking the hormone.

Mm I am with you on that Humphrey in theory I would like it to be so but in practice I pop my NDT every day twice a day and feel well for it!

Yes I am taking 1 grain of armour but when I try to increase I end up bed bound with exhaustion. I haven't got my homopathic stuff yet but yes I am going to try both together. He knows I am on armour and didn't tell me to stop.

That's odd. You're more exhausted on 1 grain of Armour than on whatever you were taking before/nothing? That's not a usual scenario. I wonder if you're allergic to something in Armour?

What do others think?

Lol he sounds fab I wish i was in Bristol! One of my dogs used to get horrible eye ulcers and after many horrid ops nothing worked to clear them but a homeopathic treatment. In retrospect she probably was hypothyroid as is her daughter who also got those eye ulcers that cleared with the homeopathic treatment till her hypo was addressed with medication. I'd give it a go it cannot hurt and I was a tad cynical about the stuff.

I am interested to know which homeopathic medicines he gave. Never been much of a believer myself, but know plenty who do :-)

He gave me something called levico 15 drops in water 3 times a day and some little pills called meteor/phos/quartz. Ten pills 3 times daily.

Loofhas are good for the lymphatics according to my younger sister who is a confirmed scrubber - oh dear that sounds awful lol!

wonderfull my sister always calls me a scrubber as well but I go in for a dry scrub with a body brush before a shower

Can you remember which homeopathic remedies he gave you????

He gave me levico and meteor/phos/quarts

Thank you. Did you find them helpful???

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