Is anyone getting ARMOUR THYROID on the NHS, is it possible?

The Endocrinologist was willing to recommend me to go onto ARMOUR THYROID amazingly! My GP seems willing to do so but wasn't sure if he was allowed to, so he checked and I've now been told that he is not allowed to prescribe this to me. I will be checking this out when I go to the surgery later in the week. I don't know whether that is just in my area or whether this is general?

My GP seems to be very helpful and supportive of the treatment which I am trying to follow. It seems that he would do whatever he can to help me.

So I wondered if anybody else is able to get ARMOUR THYROID on the NHS?

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  • You are lucky it can be given on NHS but most are reluctant to do so it is given on a named patient basis best of luck.

  • That is Encouraging to hear, thank you. My GP seems to understand that it is an unlicensed drug, and I therefore understood that I would not be able to have it. Do you know any more about it please?

    Thank you.

  • ThankfulWanya, NDT is not licensed for UK use, and BTA guidelines are strongly against it, so few NHS doctors will prescribe it. None can be obliged to prescribe an unlicensed drug and some CCGs have prohibited prescribing of NDT.

    There are a few members prescribed NDT on the NHS but most have private prescriptions or buy online and self-medicate. Your GP may agree to monitor you if you self-medicate, but GPs aren't trained in it's use and will probably tell you that you are overmedicated when NDT suppresses TSH.

  • Armour can be prescribed by the NHS but some health trusts appear to have taken the decision that they won't. I'm in Northern Ireland and am aware of a few people who get it on the NHS but other areas may be different. This link might be of interest to you.

  • If your GP is willing, and he may not be you can ask your Endo for a prescription. These are details if GP is willing.

  • My area of Essex the GP prescribes Armour.

  • Our surgery won't Muffy. I have been told that Mid Essex Health Authority will not, so is this a private prescription?

  • NHS.

  • By the way, Hillary Clinton is taking Armour Thyroid for her hypothyroidism.

  • NHS prescription

  • Huh! I don't think that Hilary gets an NHS prescription. :-) :-) :-)

  • Certainly not an NHS prescription in the USA, but it does show that high flyers also need Armour or other NDT!

  • The NICE guidelines state that a doctor may prescribe an unlicensed medication if there are no alternatives, or if the licensed medications don't work for the patient. So your GP has no excuse not to prescribe Armour, less so if the endo had said it is OK.

  • This happened to me! I eventually got the endo to prescribe NDT. GP's won't becauseof the cost but endos can write prescriptions too!

  • Agreed, Endos can write prescriptions too. Sadly though, once they've started the ball rolling many endos still insist on handing us back to our GPs for ongoing treatment and monitoring. So it gets back to square one with the GP or CCG refusing :(

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