Anyone tried London Endocrine Centre?

Hi all, Haven't posted for a while as I am 'coping' but I came across the website for The London Endocrine Centre and wondered if it was worth a try - I still get exhausted. I appreciate they will be expensive, but my biggest problem is that if they prescribe something other than the 75mcg Levo that my GP insists is too high anyway, will my GP stand by the diagnosis and prescribe or will I have to pay for the medication prescribed and get written of completely by my own GP who is useless.

Also any ide of the costs involved - the consultation and the maybe other meds? I just want to be prepared. I would hate to go, then I couldn't afford the meds. Sorry a bit of a ramble but I'm in the dark. Any experience in this would be appreciated.


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  • Can you ring them and enquire? The pa's are usually helpful and used to enquiries such as this. If you want to find out the cost of the drug try ringing a couple of private London hospitals and speak to pharmacy department.

  • Thank you, I will. At the moment I want to have ' a plan' armed with as much info and advice as possible. I am in the Midlands but willing to travel but want to make sure it is all worth it.

  • I went to a London endo but elsewhere. London endo centre seems good but you can never tell til you go!

  • Were you referred by GP or book yourself? I want to book myself. If you booked yourself, could I ask which one and was it worth while?

  • I did a self referral, just rang up and go an appointment within days including an usss. I think you are best going to the clinic you were enquiring about.

    I went to one in Harley st but at a different address. You are IMHO far better going to an endo physician initially anyway rather than an endocrine surgeon as I made the mistake of doing.

  • Somebody recently told me about main endocrinologist there and rated him quite highly. I know that's not a lot of information but I thought I'd mention it. All the best!

  • I see Dr Paul Jenkins at the London Endocrine Centre and find him very good and thorough. Consultations are £230 although I think I recall that the first one was a little higher than that, and he will order a whole raft of blood tests and a thyroid scan initially too, so brace yourself for a hefty charge. Once he has assessed your status, costs become a bit less eye-watering, depending on how often you see him and which blood tests you need. He issues private prescriptions only, as he does not have an NHS clinic. But he will write to your NHS GP with his diagnosis and recommended prescription and you may be able to convince them to issue an NHS script for you, although I've never managed it. Good luck!

  • Thank you so much. This is very helpful.

  • Hi Pithy,

    Would you be able to post a breakdown of the costs or give me a rough idea?

    I am seriously considering seeing Dr Jenkins but would ideally like to know the cost of the blood tests and thyroid scan before I pay for an initial consultation.


  • Hi Simon

    The costs of the initial barrage of tests will vary, depending on your individual circumstances and gender.

    In my case, my first visit cost £360 for the initial consultation, with follow-up sessions costing £230 each. I also had an ultrasound scan of my thyroid, which cost £290, and an initial blood panel which cost £650 in my case. This included a comprehensive blood profile, FSH and LH (not sure if there is a male equivalent to these), HbA1C, free T3, reverse T3, insulin, thyroid antibodies, B12, folate, vit D and cortisol.

    Ongoing thyroid profile tests for TSH, ft4 and ft3 cost £90, which I have a couple of weeks before each follow-up appointment.

    I hope this helps!

  • Thank you, that's really helpful.

    There's quite a large premium on those blood tests and ultrasound isn't there, definitely something for me to think about.


  • I hope it helps. The blood tests are done at the Doctors' Laboratory on Wimpole St and are, as far as I can tell, slightly cheaper than some of the other Harley St area blood clinics. I don't believe there's a mark-up from Dr Jenkins on the cost of the tests, but the whole performance is undoubtedly expensive.

    I've never been able to get much co-operation from my GP, hence my decision to go private in the first place. But you may find that Dr Jenkins will take recent NHS test results if you can persuade your GP to order them. Good luck!

  • Hi Pithy,

    Glad for you you've found a Dr you find very good.. it's not easy!

    Chronic fatigue has plagued my life! I've gone to USA twice and Brussels recently... still struggling.. I believe my adrenals are very weak... does Dr Jenkins recognise adrenal fatigue.. I'm currently on t3 only ( can't seem to tolerate any t4 -- which makes me think my adrenals are extremely weak)...

    I live in Ireland..language barrier is an issue in Brussels.. would willingly make trip to U.K. .

    Thanks in advance,


  • Hi Pudsey

    I'm afraid I can't tell you about Dr Jenkins's position on adrenal fatigue, as I'm fortunte that the issue hasn't arisen for me. Perhaps you could send an enquiry to the clinic?

    Sorry I can't be of more help.

  • Many thanks Pithy.. I've contacted them and am awaiting a reply.

    Kind Regards!

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