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Help with results please!

Hi i went to the drs after 3.5 stone weight gain in 6 weeks, with pretty much every hypothyroid symptom going(oct) Dr put me on trial 25mg of levo as dr noticed heart murmur. After being hospitalised in march with low cortisol endo stopped medication as nothing wrong with thyroid. Whilst in hospital after mri i was told i have a rathke's cleft & pituitary microadenoma both of which i'm told are incidental. Was given 1 jab of b12 & 20,000 units of colecalciferol to take once every other week & sent home(in all i was 2weeks in hospital where i was also found to have low bp & slow heart rate... heart rate was 39 whilst having an ecg)Went to see pain management dr privately in may he diagnosed fibro & said bloods all normal. I was prescribed 150mg pregabalin am & pm & 30mg duloxetine nightly. I felt really quite good for 2 weeks on medication but since have numbness aches & pains back again & constant headache with serious light sensitivity. I had an eye test they referrred me to eye specialist who in turn referred me to orthoptist. I have loss of peripheral vision field in left eye & constant heatwave shimmer effect but was told had 20/20 vision so must be neurological? I went to drs a month ago with a lump in my throat which is now 4 hard lumps in a line & have difficulty swallowing :( im waiting for ultrasound appointment. Last week after thinking i was going to collapse went really dizzy & kept falling to the right i went to a&e. Tried on paracetemol, ibuprofen, codeine then oral morphine but nothing got rid of headache. Had a ct scan & lumber puncture but nothing sinister(?) found. They didnt check thyroid cos it was fine last time in hospital & although lumps palpable nothing to concern myself with. Was given 3 b12 injections & told to see a dietician i went home after 4 days. I have got a recent thyroid blood test because luckily i asked gp for 1 after he felt the then 1 lump(like adams apple). Im just so very confused & i'm seriously thinking of having to travel to uk to see somebody privately? Sorry for novel this is actually condensed version so apologises if ive missed any pertinent info out! I look forward to any ideas/ advice

TSH. FreeT4. T3

0.35-4.94 8.4-19.1 2.6-5.7

(31/10) 4.91 9.6

(12/11) 2.18 9.2

(18/12) 2.58 10.6 5.9

(14/02) 1.70 10.9

(15/04) 3.12 10.4 6

(15/08) 2.77 9.1 5.4

Please note before all of this started i'd never been ill & find this all very trying :( xx

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Hi, personally I'd sort out a mainland endocrinologist consultation. I'm not sure what to comment about the thyroid results, not experienced enough, apart from your TSH is rising, but could be the bloods were taken at differing times of the day.

The issue that struck me most about your post was the 'incidental' finding of a pituitary adenoma on your MRI scan. I did a lot of reading about Cushings recently, after having +ve urinary cortisol collections + low 9am ACTH bloods leading on to a thankfully normally suppressed dexamethasone suppression test. Anyway, the upshot of all that reading on Cushing websites were many of these patient's pituitary adenomas were too tiny to show up on an MRI but all the bloods, tests, symptoms were consistent with Cushings 2ry to pituitary adenoma. Not meaning to scare you but I'd want more explanation of 'incidental' finding. 3.5 st weight increase in 6/52 is extremely unusual I would have thought.

Louise warvill has lists of endos or you could look up nearest Spire Hospital and ask for recommendations on this site.

Good luck xx


Hi Rach

Yes i find it hard to believe i have 2 cysts on pituitary had low cortisol & elevated prolactin but 'they're ok now'! Mentioned to everyone that my periods started becoming irregular 6 months ago & are pretty much non existent now but that was put down to the 3lb i've lost in weight! All bloods are fasting & taken before 9am i only have these from gp dont have access to hospital tests.

Thank you for your speedy response it helps so much to have this site as a sounding board & to hear from lovely people such as yourself xx


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