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Serum level TSH 0.28 mu/l (0.35-5.5) low

Serum free T4 level 9.8 pool/l (10.0 - 19.8) low

Ok I did self medicate but it was only half a brain for several months then 3/4 then finially want to one whole grain. I felt ok, but I keep getting chest like infections I stopped talking ny NDT three days prior to test,but now this says I have an over active TSH and under T4

I went to the doc because I had dysentry for. Months, they gave me 30 Imodium ( gee thanks) I have been to the poly clinic they turned. Me away because I said I had hAd dysentry. Went home feeling hopeless, called NSH again, doc called and wanted me to go to queens, the paramedics had made the the appointment poly clinic. Because they knew I was really ill. So go home call NHS doc wants me to GP the queens. It I am too ill. I promised the next day I would go. So Sunday I go to the clinic on faringdon near peterfields, the doc takes one look at me and says you look like you have GET THIs AN OVERACTIVE THYROID. I ALMOST FELL OUT OF MY CHAIR, SO FOR HEARS AND YEARS I HAVE BEEN SUFFERING, HE GIVE ME A PASS TO GET THE APPOINTMENT FORST THING, I HAD MY B,OODS done at 7:15 am. My last bloods were done in the late after noon.

I thought NDT would even up my TSH, I only took one grain ever the most in 5 months.

So many symptoms want, but then I keep getting this weird votive thing, I have a goitre on one side and nodules lots of them on the other side. I ticked thyroid antibodies just to see if that would give me more knowledge. But I can't understand anything on ther, something is wrong with my liver, and I do not even drink alcohol. Can anyone help me. I didn't think NDT would over activate my tyyroid, they last teats it was 2.08 now it is 0.28

Did I screw myself up. I felt fine until I got,this chest infection, but of course they don't think I have an infection, and even when I told him GP I could explain the goiter scan he said it would not matter because he didn't understand. He was.nice to me and helpful but I think because he knows now I have been right about my tyroid for do long he felt guilty. Please help

I have not taken my NDT for days now, and I can actually feel my aches and brain fog and the itching is starting again. How do I find if they even did the antibodies. I asked my doc if you could have both over and underactive and he said no. Please, I even asked about hashimpto's. Help me I have loads of test results and am going to see and ENDO so I live in Romford could someone tell me a good one because I can pick the one I want. My ribs are killing me

Ps I do not like the new web site.

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Ps of course no T3


Hi Ritaritarita,

No, you didn't screw yourself up, and no, I don't think you have an overactive thyroid gland. If you have been self-medicating with NDT for several months, then the most likely effect of this on you is that your TSH will be suppressed, and your Free T4 will be low in range or even below the range. And that is exactly what has happened.

Nobody can make a diagnosis of overactive thyroid gland without knowing your Free T3. And since nobody has done that test, don't let them start dosing you up or treating you as if you do have hyperthyroidism. It would also be helpful if your reverse T3 were to be tested - but as far as I know the NHS has never done that test for anyone, and it can only be done privately. The problem is that most doctors these days don't have a clue what the blood tests of people will look like on NDT. They only know what happens with levothyroxine.

There is another possibility in all this. You might have secondary hypothyroidism. TSH is produced by the pituitary gland. But if your pituitary gland has been damaged or diseased in any way it may be incapable of producing enough TSH for your needs. In that case you could have a perfectly healthy thyroid gland that just isn't getting the correct signals to make it do what it is supposed to.

Another possibility is tertiary hypothyroidism. The pituitary gets instructed to make TSH by the hypothalamus. If the hypothalamus isn't responding correctly to T3 and T4 levels then it won't give the appropriate instructions to your pituitary.

(My explanation is very simplified, and I hope I haven't got it all wrong!)

I'm also puzzled about the blood tests being done throughout the day. What are the doctors looking for? TSH and the thyroid hormones have a circadian rhythm. The levels will naturally fluctuate as the day goes on.

Another point... NDT contains T4, and T4 lasts for quite a long time in the body - a week or more? And TSH changes in response to differing levels of T4 (and T3) quite slowly. So not taking your NDT for three days will have had little effect on your TSH. Therefore your body will not have made much adjustment in your T4 output yet. And with no NDT your T3 will probably be quite low. It takes time for the body to restart making its own hormones again (in as far as it is possible to restart if your thyroid is not working well).

So, insist on the doctors doing a Free T3 test. Don't be pushed into taking any medication for an overactive thyroid gland. Don't let anyone suggest taking out your thyroid or zapping it with radioactive iodine. Just don't be hurried, and take your time. You can't get a thyroid back once it has been killed off or removed, so be very careful, don't panic, and ask for advice on here.

If you felt fine until you got a chest infection then it seems to me the doctors are acting like a bunch of uneducated and idiotic headless chickens.

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Rita, you are absolutely not hyperthyroid. If you were hyperthyroid your TSH would be suppressed <0.03 and your FT4 considerably over >19.8. The doctor who suggested you are hyperthyroid should have done an FT3 test to check. TSH in hyperthyroidism is suppressed and FT4 and FT3 will both be above range.

If you have low FT4 you are also likely to have low FT3 which will cause your hypothyroid symptoms.

Autoimmune thyroid disease (Hashimoto's) is responsible for 90% of hypothyroidism in the UK and as it fluctuates it can make you feel as though you are swinging from hyper to hypo and sometime you feel both even though bloods can be in the normal range.

As Humanbean said, the NDT may have lowered your TSH and FT4 but it should also have improved your FT3. It may also be that you have secondary hypothyroidism caused by pituitary gland dysfunction and, if so, TSH testing is worthless. FT4 which we already know is low and FT3 are the only valid tests secondary hypothyroidism.

If your GP won't test FT3 you can order a private test from Blue Horizon or Genova


Thank you my sweet friends, I can't stop crying, just can't believe how many doc I have seen and not a clue. How can this be right. TSH 0.28 mu/l (0.35 - 5.5)

Free t4 9.8pmol/l (10.0 - 19.8)

I thought the NDT would work different??? I don't understand at all. I feel .ike I wanna give up. I hurt everywhere, I will see another Endo in the week, allot of hello he will do. I have given up hope now. So angry. And I still have to work, so stupid doctor said you have to come in now, I told her will some of us have to work. I feel like saying very bad words. Thank you for you help. I think we need a help line. And i do not like the new layout it is confusing and that is the last thing I need now. Thanks girls, so sorry to moan, I am alone as always, husband in a band, typical alone every weekend. He works in the week.but so do I, and my father died in April, am not dealing well, my best friend died in Christmas and my other friend died in Christmas too. This is wrecking my mind. So sorry again, I just feel alone. X x x


Rita, if the NDT didn't work the way you expected it to, it's probably because you didn't take enough. 1 grain is only a small dose. Don't worry about your TSH, it is below range but that's to be expected when taking NDT. And it isn't even suppressed! lol Mine has been 0.01 for years. My present doctor has an attack every time he sees me but once upon a time I had a good doctor (yes, they do exist, it isn't just a mythe lol) and he told me that on NDT or T3 it's normal for your TSH to be suppressed and not to worry about it.

So, here's hoping you find a good endo who will help you. If not, come back to us!

Hugs, Grey

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Thank you grey, my thoughts exactly. X x x


((( Rita ))), you're not alone love and things will get better. The stress of your bereavements has made you low and affected your health too. It's a vicious circle :'( You're seeing an endo next week who will hopefully get to the bottom of your thyroid problems and then you'll begin to recover xx


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