Help ndt dosing!

Started ndt about six days ago after doing cytomel only for a couple weeks.. I was doing about 4-5 mcg if cytomel.. I stopped and started naturethroid at 1/4 grain then after 4 days went to half grain.. It's been up and down energy but today I can't walk straight or open eyes the brain fog is absolutely horrendous too. Typing this through one squinting eyeball! Have hashi . Been doing iron supplement too. Started low because Sebditive in the past when starting thyroid .. So is it to low a dose probably I think... My dr gave me t3 only said start at 25 mcg but that scared me to death and I thought that would cause to many side effects.. Got ndt by myself wanting to try it. Can u just go up on dose now? I know I read starting doses are usually at 1 grain.. I need to do something I'm bedridden now

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Hi Quiltgirl, your cytomel was an extremely low dose, did you have any reaction? But 25 would have been radical or have you been on thyroxine in the past? I like a combination of NDT plus T3.

Did you see or know how your blood tests turned out? You could probably increase another quarter grain and in a couple of weeks add another quarter grain.

Do you know about cofactors like ferritin, folate, B12 and vitamin D?

I took about 2 mcg of t3 yesterday and it helped brain fog a bit.. Today I've taken only t3.. I took 3 mcg upon rising and 3 mcg 3 hrs later.. Feeling a bit fatigued but brain isn't as fogged as yesterday. My ft 3 and ft4 are bottom barrel in range. My ferritin is low 26 I'm in supplement.. My vit d was 41 I'm supplementing. I'm using a b complex too. Thinking maybe if continuing the t3 alone for awhile maybe to see how it goes.. My rt3 was over 15 so maybe good to get it lowered then try ndt again and combine with t3... This is hard to figure out . I'm trying to listen to body but even at that it's difficult to know if you should raise , hold or back down.. Yes I figure I've had about 5 mcg of t3 daily for nearly 20 days between the t3 and the ndt the way I was dosing so low.. It is time to increase I'm sure. So I've had about 5-6 mcg of t3 already today I'm thinking of adding another 3 mcg early afternoon today.. I'm feeling a bit weak and worn out and dry mouth. Thank you for any insight

Quiltgirl, what does this mean from your first post, I can't figure it out> " Started low because Sebditive in the past when"

I'm surprised your doctor would give you T3 but if he felt you had high reverse T3, perhaps that's why and he wanted to clear that out by using T3. But how did you have reverse T3 when you haven't really had that much T4? Is that RT3 of 15, the actual level or the ratio between free T3 and reverse T3 which should be over 20. So maybe he know what he's doing but since 25 mcgs of T3 equals 100 mcgs. of thyroxine or T4, that would be a very high starting point of T3. It's also equal to one grain of NDT. That is still a high starting dose but you haven't given any of your test results so you'll have to use your own judgment.

You need to work on your ferritin level and then see what your cortisol is.....whether too high or too low. That would be the next bump in the road with dosing.

But if you want to just increase the T3 and see how it lands, that can work. Just wait four days before another increase when you get over 15mgs or so.

Oh that said I started low dose because I was very sensitive to thyroid med in past when trying it. My rt3 was 15.7 that was not the ratio of the 2.

Today was better less fog! I've done 12 mcg t3 in 4 doses spread out. So I think I will continue with it and let the ndt alone for now. Ya I'm working on ferritin.. Back when I was bedridden a couple years ago my ferritin was 12! I got it up in 50s then stopped the iron. Ty for the help

There are some experts that dislike thyroxine intensely so maybe that is one you are sensitive, too. You can't really live without thyroid hormone so you can't do without it in some form. I think T3 is great. I was on it for two years and did just as well as NDT so if you do really well on T3, just go for it, plenty of people are.

You might consider taking apple cider vinegar with your meals or betaine HCL. It may be a stomach acid issue which is very important to pull nutrients out of everything you eat. You need a good MCT oil like coconut oil for your brain. You'll find your answers, don't give up.

Thank you heloise. We will see how this goes now... I'm feeling mellow today from all hat I took! No major energy but at least I can get around the house and be out of bed! I will stay at this dose for few days then raise.. How many days should one wait before raising t3? It's not as long as the ndt right... I've read different things . I use digestive enzymes with meals because I don't have gallbladder. Why did you go from t3 to ndt?

Even though the half life of T3 is 12 to 24 hours, it still has cumulative affect over several days.

I couldn't get cynomel any longer as I was ordering from Mexico and tried triyotex but found it very weak. I actually did acquire some uni pharma from Greece by a friend who went there so I am adding it to my Naturethroid and that is working well, too.

You should still consider the betaine with your enzymes.


My enzymes do have the betaine.i got t3 pro then I ordered my ndt. It has 20 mcg t3 and comes in quantity of 50 pills. I haven'tused t because dr gave me cytomel script. Ok well I will continue on the 12 mcg for 3-4 days and then raise. I felt nothing this morning with my dose so wondering if I should make first dose bigger?I'm in Arizona USA .. Where are you?

Oh, how nice, I'm in NY state but my daughter lives in AZ since two years ago.

Your dose will catch up to you in four or five days so be careful. I'm understanding you have never been on thyroid hormone before??? You had better let your body ease into it because it is a complicated process that has to communicate to all the cells in your body. I liked the two years I was on T3. It was easy to manage I think but NDT works for me as well.

Oh my hub is from upstate New York in wolcot.. I'm from San Diego . We like az moved here in 2000 . Cali is to expensive. I'm lethargic today.. I guess that's better then being to sensitive to the t3 s I'm glad for that. Temps are still 98.1 and HR 68.. I will continue on this 12 mcg for few days like I said. Just wonder if I should dose bigger instead of spreading it out in 4 doses? I know everyone is different and it's a matter of experimenting . I'm so glad u are doing well. I've been very ill fir 6 years. I've been on disability and can't drive or go out much. I got a Lyme diagnosis at same time as the hashi diagnosis . The dr focused all on Lyme treatment. I have not improved all this time. I decided to take matters in my own hands about 1 1/2 years ago. I've been trying to heal my whole system and now got my gp to prescribe the t3... Hoping this is going to get me to next level. I want a life .

What??? Six years? Oh no, Lyme, too? How terrible. You must read Janeb's posts. I have "talked" to her because I am very interested in biofilm or sleuth infections. Now people with Lyme may have all the different infections. Her daughter is battling them and is undergoing treatment in CA believe it or not. She travels from the UK periodically and is doing much better with the treatments she gets from the clinic. I'm trying to think of the name. Basically these cell wall deficient CWD bacteria are very hard to kill and very easy to proliferate. I think that clinic is in Santa Rosa. I really think you should look into this but there are things you may be able to do yourself. I will private message you after I look at some of the information she gave me.

I've been out looking at Showcase Homes today and climbing lots of stairs but doing okay.

I'm am very versed in all the Lyme stuff been studying since sick 6 years... Like I said I've turned from that now and concentrating on systems in my body.. U can battle bacteria till the cows come home but you need to address what has happened to the body the breaking down if you will.. My immune system of course is weakened however my cd57 test ( this is a test some Lyme doctors use ) has gone up.. When I was first tested in 2010 it was 10! Normal is 65-360! I know these reference ranges are ridiculous . My immune subclass 1 was low as well. There is a wonderful dr named Garth Nicholson .. He is a expert in stealth infections.. Look him up. He works with our poor veterans that are infected with everything! He has a fb page too.. Like I said ive done the protocols for Lyme I had 2 chest ports for iv meds it's been completely life altering . I'm done with all that and trying now to clean up the destruction. No more antibiotics, herbs, tinctures, ugh... We have spent our life savings on it all. It takes everything from you .. Your life, friends even yourself! I'm not who I was. Many lose their spouses too. Ian married to a very living compassionate man thank the Lord!It's sad the destruction chronic illness does to ones life and their family. There are entire family's infected with Lyme. If you can even imagine

Goodness, you have been through the mill, haven't you. The reason I brought it up was I have always had trouble building up levels of vitamin D possibly due to a stealth infection.

These are dreadful and totally ruin one's life. I suppose building up the immune system is the top priority and getting your body to do the work.

Of course YOU need your metabolism. Your temperature is normal? Do you feel your adrenals are still functioning. With all the stress and antibiotics I'm sure they have been taxed immensely but T3 might slowly help them.

I wondered how good your health was but hopefully you can build up your strength with great nutrition. Do you have a juicer? The body always wants to heal and given the right tools, it will.

You need to increase NDT slowly. 1\4 grain every two weeks to avoid side effects.

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