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Very upset. can anyone help

I am so annoyed been to see doc for latest thyroid results.

Thyroid levels very high was on 75 reduced to 50 due to feeling hyper., now meds back up to75

My doc refuses to test for t3 said not needed in cases of hypothyroidism, and as for ndt its an outdated medical practice.

As mentioned in one of my previous posts if they up dosage i get palpitations, if they reduce it my levels go up.

I was on eltroxin due to shortage now on activa, activa dont do 25 mcgs so now on tiva who do 50 and 25 so in the space of less than 3 months have been on 3 brands.

Am fed up sorry for the long rant but its damn disgusting doc made me feel like i was a complete nutter.


Forgot to mention doc said tsh was 22 and t 4 was 12 he didnt explain even though i asked just said it was high. many thanks dotti

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Your symptoms on increasing your dose could be due to low iron. It is important that your GP at least tests your serum iron and ferritin. Ferritin is stored iron and needs to be above 70 for women. If it turns out your ferritin is lower than 70, taking iron supplements with vitamin C and B vitamins (especially B2) should help. You may also have low levels of vitamin B12 which should really be above 400-500 (not the 200 the NHS states).

Hopefully if you get all of the above sorted out you should be able to increase your dose and start to feel better. You are definitely hypothyroid at the moment, going by the results you just posted (TSH 22, T4 12), so you do need a higher dose. There's something else that's making it difficult for you to increase your dose.

I hope that helps a little

Carolyn x


Thanks carolyn i will ask my gp but i know he will refuse. looks like i wil be going private. is blue horizon the place to use for testing. thanks dotti


That is one of the places you can use. Have a look on the main Thyroid UK website here for more details.


Your GP should not object to checking your iron levels! Iron deficiency is quite common in women. Please do ask or perhaps see a different GP.


Dotti, were you on 50mcg when your TSH was 22, or 75mcg?


I was on 50mcg

regards dotti


Thanks. Have you had a TSH done after being on 75mcg (either recently or when you were on 75mcg before)?


Yes i did last year but the beginning of this year started to feel unwell even though thyroid results where normal. felt very hyperactive couldnt relax but still felt so tired if that makes sense. also felt anxious and hap palpitations. so dosage reduced

to 50 and my levels shot up

thanks dotti


So, your blood tests were in the reference range when on 75mcg but you felt 'hyper'?

How long have you been on 75mcg this time around? - are you feeling ok?

If 75mcg proves to be too much, you can take 50mcg and 75mcg on alternate days. You can do this with levothyroxine.


Have been on 75 mcgs for 3yrs until a couple of months ago when i was put on 50. The doc has now put me back on 75 again. bit it seems that no matter what dosage i am on i feel rubbish.

Thank you so much dotti


You may benefit from the addition of T3 to your replacement therapy or, indeed, trying NDT. If you would like some info (i.e. scientific papers to take to show your GP) then please pm me and I'll send them to you. Have been where you are now but am much improved since changing meds.


This has given me some hope, have just pm you and thanks again, and thanks to everyone else for all your help, i didnt know this website exsisted until a few days ago and its been a godsend.

Many thanks Dotti


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