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Follow up advice please!

Hi I posted last week in slight despair about possible hypothyroid. I have had a really bad few days with being so exhausted I couldn't get out of bed this morning and had to miss work - I have felt 'heavy' all over and achey and nauseous. I have been back to the dr twice - on Monday they begrudgingly gave me my blood results for the last 6 months, but still dismissed thyroid problems (TSH 4.2 measured in April). He gave me the number for counselling, and said it's probably the menopause. I fail to understand how couselling can help my physical symptoms.

Today i went back as I felt so awful and saw another Dr who was more sympathetic, but said at least 6 times that my thyroid is normal. He pressed me again to try anti-depressants, despite me telling him that I WANT to do things, but I can't because I'm too tired. I'm wiped out this week because I didn't rest at the weekend - it's the only way I can manage my part time job and family. He gave me a leaflet about ME/chronic fatigue.

So my results show normal antibodies - TPA level 20 (0-60) which is good.

TSH 4.2 (0.2 - 5.5)

Red Blood count 3.93

No B12/FT3/FT4/vit D/folate/ferritin.

Today I have been told only consultants can request FT3/4 tests and I will not be referred until my TSH goes above the threshold. They are not testing TSH again till August (at which point I broke down, as I can't face carrying on like this not knowing what is wrong with me). Next week I will be tested for B12 and ferritin and hormones for pre-menopause.

Are there any supplements I can take to support my thyroid in the meantime - I feel a little better after 4 hours sleep today, but am struggling to know how I'm going to cope with another 3 weeks till the end of term. I feel like I'm going mad as I can't think straight and am now beginning to wonder if I am losing my mind.

I know there is a private route, but it will take a little time for me to save up the money required.

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I'm sure they all get a kick out of being so damn sadistic! Can you get Dr Peatfield's book (kindle or hard copy)? It contains all you need to know to improve your own health. TSH of 4.2 is NOT normal. Mine only got to 4 and I was really unwell and off sick for 4 months. Did they not test thyroglobulin antibodies - I only have those, not TPO. You could get NutriThyroid or something similar but really you need to make sure your ferritin, B12, adrenals etc are OK first which is difficult with no results. My thinking was really badly affected too, so I feel for you xx


It is so cruel that someone who presents with clinical symptoms are denied treatment because they have to wait till their TSH reaches 10. It is barbaric. In the USA people are treated when TSH is 3.

They should have done Vitamin B12, Vit D, iron, ferritin and folate as we are usually deficient and this can cause problems in themselves.

Isn't it strange - there is no blood test for depression but they can prescribe anti-depressants.

It's no wonder people are forced to self-medicate.


Check website hypothyroidmom. There is some thyroid conditions that do not show up on tsh blood test. You are entitled to a second opinion, and legally you can have copies of all your records. Write to the practice manager requesting copies of all your medical records (this will enable you to compare any changes). Request a b12 and full blood count testing too. Something may show up. Read up also on graves and hashimoto thyroid disease. It is not impossible to have both which cause your thyroid levels to go up and down. My levels are borderline at both ends (my GP told me this yesterday). It is your health and your body so demand more thorough testing as only you know how unwell you feel and it is not normal for you. Good luck and keep us informed, we are all behind you and most of us are or have been in the same position. Hugs xx


My Dr tests my Ft3 and Ft4 every 6 weeks so I think it depends on your GP and Lab but he's lying to say only consultants can do this. You could also self medicate like some people on here. Hope you get sorted soon.


This is a non-prescriptive thyroid hormone replacement invented by Dr Lowe before his death. There have been good reports about this product.


I was going to give advice, but these guys have gotten it right, so I can only give sympathy, hope it all gets better soon


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